Bacon, Feta and Hazelnut Salad – a quick and complete meal

Yesterday I saw a bit of a Jamie Oliver programme on TV and he was in France roughing it in the country following a hunt for wild boar. Anyway, one of the dishes he cooked looked simple and full of strong flavours so I tried it tonight. I love all-in-one salad-style meals which cover each of the food groups and I make them often.
Bacon, Feta & Walnut Salad I must admit, I substituted a few ingredients out of preference and it still turned out just fine – more than just fine actually.

So to the ingredients:

Bacon, Feta and Hazelnut/Walnut Salad

Mixed salad leaves
Bacon chopped into squares – the thicker the better, not finely sliced

Spring onions – sliced
Ciabatta or a similar loaf of bread cut into crouton-type hunks. Fry in olive oil with the bacon until crisp.
Roasted hazelnuts or walnuts chopped up roughly – Jamie used walnuts.
Chives or coriander snipped up with scissors
Feta cheese crumbled up – Jamie used a French blue cheese and I’m sure it would work well if I could stand the taste of it. Hence my using feta instead.
Mix all together while the bread and bacon are still warm.

Dress with a mixture of olive oil, tarragon vinegar, salt (not too much because the feta and bacon are salty), pepper and dijon mustard.

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