Chocolate Chip Pie – Gluten-free

Chocolate Chip Pie 1200x800This food blogging is all consuming and takes up a lot of time but what a great ride it is. From the cooking to the styling to the photography, it is a true joy. But the best part is the people you meet online who have the same passion.

I have been doing quite a few gluten-free meals lately and it’s mainly because there are so many great blogs out there that concentrate on gluten-free and they fascinate me. I suspect I feel better when I am not throwing a lot of wheat down my throat but it’s not clear cut enough for me to make the leap to wheat-free or gluten-free. Anyway, tomorrow is visiting-Mum day and she is gluten-free so I went looking at one of the best blogs for healthy cakes and desserts which are often also gluten-free. You have met her before – Chocolate Covered Katie and that’s where you will find this recipe. It is similar to  this cake I made of hers a few weeks back with the big difference that this one has almost no sugar because it has a whole pile of dates in it and they are already sweet. I had a slice after photographing it and I felt I was being very healthy with all those beans, oats, dates and applesauce. And despite all those beans, my stomach was very happy with me afterwards.

I threw a bit of lemon icing on top to make it pretty but ice cream or cream would go great with it to make a very satisfying dessert.

This is not a low Fodmap recipe.

Chocolate Chip Pie - Gluten-Free

Chocolate Chip Pie - Gluten-Free

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  1. Diana says

    Yum we r both looking forward to tasting this tomorrow – two pieces please. We r most impressed with your photo styling.

  2. Eha says

    Rather late, but: very much like your food styling also. Love the blue-white-greysih tones of the pictures but do wonder about those glorious fullblown roses in the middle of NZ winter!!

    • says

      Thanks, Eha. I’m glad the roses look real but they are a beautiful bunch of fabric ones that sit on my bedside table year round. Much more reliable than the real thing.

  3. says

    Blogging is a lot of work, but such fun! And you’re right that finding other great bloggers – like you! – is one of the great rewards. Nice recipe. And as always, nice photos. I agree with the other comments about your food styling – it’s quite good. And that’s the hardest part of taking photos, IMO – doing a decent job with the styling. Thanks for this.

    • says

      Thanks. Blogging is definitely fun despite the work involved.
      Yes, it took me a while to realise that the technical side of photography could be conquered quite quickly but the important part then is the styling, or the food will never look any good even if the lighting is perfect.

    • says

      Thanks, Lizzie. It is fun learning. I feel I have come a long way in the last 6 months since snapping those first awful photos but I have a way to go yet. The styling is key once you have the camera under control.

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