Chocolate Chip, Raisin Cookies – Morning Tea Baking

Choc Chip, raisin Cookies 600 postI have done the morning tea baking on a Saturday this week. I found the recipe with a few changes at Chocolate Covered Katie’s blog. (This is not a low Fodmap recipe.) I added raisins because I love them and I also doubled the recipe because the quantities of the ingredients looked a bit small. In fact, I should have quadrupled it because I ended up with only 12 cookies and that won’t last us the week. Katie made them smaller and sandwiched them together with a slice of banana in between. If you have counted the cookies in the photo, yes, there are only eleven. Guess where the twelfth is. They taste good, by the way, but don’t overcook them.

I also baked a carrot cake this afternoon and it tasted superb, as do most carrot cakes. Unfortunately I can’t show you it because it is a recipe I produced for a french company I supply recipes and photographs to. Fortunately I made two smaller cakes because I messed up on my first attempt to ice it. It was a layer cake so I sliced it in half and filled it with cream cheese icing and then iced it all over so it looked great. But when I cut a wedge, I realised that the cake was still hot inside and all the filling had melted. Not a good look in a photo. So I abandoned ship, ate the wedge, put the icing in the fridge and will prepare and photograph the other one tomorrow. I also have to make a sweet potato pie  tomorrow for the company.

The worry is where all those calories are going to end up. Not on my hips, if my self-control prevails. But I can’t always trust it. That little devil sitting on my left shoulder does shout awful loud sometimes.

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    Great looking cookies. I’m a fan of the presentation, too. I used to set up little tableau’s like that, but have gotten away from it (these days I’m kinda taking portraits of food). But a nice presentation goes a long way, and maybe I should get back to that. Seriously good stuff – thanks.

    • says

      Thanks. I waver between the two. Some of my best photos, in my opinion, were more like portraits of the food where the food was the hero. But sometimes, I think a little story is good to include too.

  2. says

    Now that the two biggest appetites are out of the house, I’ve been looking for smaller recipes. Your cookies would be perfect. I’ve invited friends over tomorrow to show them the basics for making creme brulee…that way they can help me not eat it all myself :)

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      Yes, it’s important to have those to share the results of the baking. I have a carrot cake and a sweet potato pie in the fridge at the moment and that’s dangerous.

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    I’ve come across Katie’s blog a few times referenced in other blogs – I’m always amazed by the minimal use of sugar and other junk in her recipes – really exceptional. The one thing that occured to me working through this recipe was that it wouldn’t give rise to many cookies… 12 would fly through our house pretty quick too 😉 – I like her bite size nibbles though; either that or we can always double the batch :). Lovely presentation Suzanne (such a pretty ribbon).

    • says

      I had already doubled her recipe but it does need to be doubled again. We have almost run out and it’s only Monday. We will have to eat the carrot cake instead.

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