Hamburgers with a twist

Hamburger healthy version
Every now and then Adriano asks for hamburgers to fill him up, especially after a couple of hard mountain bike races in a row. I make what could be considered a healthy version.


Hamburgers – the healthy way

Mince rolled and flattened into patties
Sliced avocado
Sliced tomatoes
Salad leaves
Chilli sauce mixed with yoghurt
Hamburger buns

I toast the bottom of the buns and spread hummus on them while the patties are cooking in a pan. I then add the avocado and tomatoes. When the meat is ready, I toast the top of the buns and assemble the rest of the hamburgers. Patties then the sauce and lastly the salad leaves and the toasted bun tops to finish off.


I had left over filling from yesterday’s quesadillas so I added a couple of spoonfuls of that to each burger tonight as well. That accounts for how high they are in the photo. Tricky to eat when they are that high so keep lots of paper napkins or paper towels at hand.

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