High Tea at the Langham Hotel

I just got back from high tea at the Langham Hotel to celebrate my and my friend, Genevieve’s birthdays and it was well worth the $39 per head. There were twelve of us – family and friends – so we were ushered into a beautiful room of our own with a painted ceiling and gilded mirrors on the walls. We sat in big upholstered, very comfortable wing chairs and the waiter took our order for coffee or tea and described the food, which soon appeared. We started with a tray of sandwiches and all sorts of small savories. Unfortunately we forgot to take any photos before they were devoured but I made sure the cakes were photographed before eating them.
The dessert tray at high tea at Langham Hotel

The dessert tray at high tea at Langham Hotel

For two and a half hours we ate, drank and chatted to our hearts content as our tummies expanded and started to hurt.
All the leftovers were scooped into boxes and tucked under our arms for supper later tonight and we rolled out of the hotel to go home.

High Tea at the Langham Hotel

Suzanne Perazzini

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