Lemon & Strawberry Muffins – gluten, dairy and sugar-free

Lemon Strawberry Muffins
I’m off work today and around lunchtime I looked out the window to see a sky so black it spooked me. A few minutes later the skies opened and Victoria Falls dumped on top of us. I ran about shutting windows, then the phone rang. Adriano was checking on us because a tornado had just passed through a neighbouring suburb leaving a path of destruction, several dead and many more injured. The rain has also caused widespread flooding so who knows when I will see Adriano home from work. Apparently the traffic is diabolical. Tornadoes are rare here though they can occur.
Anyway, today I am showing you what I baked at the weekend to keep us going for the week – lemon and strawberry muffins. I used a combination of brown rice flour and tapioca flour to make them gluten-free and was impressed at the lightness of the result. I used date puree as a sweetener to make them sugar-free but you could add a tablespoon or two of honey if you wanted to. Next time I would add raisins too for a little extra sweetness. I placed a strawberry half on top but that does mean you need to eat them within a few days.

Lemon & Strawberry Muffins - dairy-free, gluten-free and sugar-free

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  1. I love lemon with strawberries, beautiful muffins!

  2. Thanks, Laura.

  3. Very cute, lemon and strawberries are a good combination. Glad to hear everything is safe at your end.

    • Safe for us, not so good for those in its path. Many are homeless. I should take them all some of these muffins to cheer them up.

  4. I heard about the tornado. That didn’t sound good. I don’t think I’ve heard of a tornado hitting Auckland before. What gorgeous looking muffins. They look so light in texture xx

  5. We actually had a bad one last year in Abany, North Auckland. It has become a bit of a trend we could do without.

  6. These look delicious! The tornado sounds scary!

  7. Very Delicious and healthy muffins! I love the recipe and thank you for sharing it…got to try it soon!

  8. I thought of you when I saw the news about the storm over there. Glad you’re fine and only wet. :) These muffins look really cute!

    • Thanks, Maureen. That was sweet of you to think of us. It’s strange that so close by people have had their lives devastated while we carry on as if nothing happened.

  9. These muffins looks delicious. Best of all they are healthy and gluten free. I have never worked with rice and tapioca flour. That is something for me to explore. Do they taste as good as regular flour or better?

    • Yes, they taste just as good and the batter can be just as light too. I combine the two to make the best mixture. You need a little of the tapioca flour or something similar to bind the batter well.

  10. Tornadoes are the worst. Unfortunately they’re not rare here at all – they’re pretty frequent in the springtime. They can cause so much destruction and havoc. Anyway, quite nice muffins. I love the idea of date puree! Good stuff – thanks.

  11. Suzanne good deed also so many flavors to cake gosh I am drooling :)

  12. Love lemon and strawberry. I made these last night and they are delicous but have a salty taste. Can I cut down on the salt or is it one of the flours, I’m new to gluten, sugar and dairy free baking.

    • You could reduce the salt but look at the cashew butter you are using. I make my own with no added salt or anything else. Maybe you bought one with added salt – just an idea. Try the banana and strawberry muffins. They were even more delicious.


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