Mushroom Risotto with Poached Egg

Mushroom Risotto with Poached Egg
Risotto in its various configurations and permutations is a fairly regular meal around here. Tonight’s variation had no meat, white or red. The protein came in the form of a soft boiled egg. The runny yolk flowing over the rice mixture made it colourful and scrumptious. A little lemon juice and the addition of sour cream at the last minute really brought out the flavour in the dish.

By the way, this really is a cheat’s risotto. The rice shouldn’t strictly be cooked separately and then thrown in with the other ingredients but it works flavourwise even if the texture is different. The upside is that it is much simpler and quicker to cook this way. If you are not used to the way the Italians cook it – the correct way – then you won’t know the difference. So enjoy!



Mushroom Risotto with Poached Egg


Mushroom Risotto with Poached EggIngredients:

Rice – 1/2 cup /person

1 onion – chopped

Dried thyme

Mushrooms – chopped

Salt and black pepper

A little white wine

A small pot of sour cream

Lemon juice to taste

1 or 2 eggs/person

Chives – chopped



Cook the rice as usual.

Cook onion in a little oil, then add thyme, seasoning and mushrooms and cook about 10 minutes.

Stir in the wine and cook 2 minutes. remove from heat and add the rice, chives, sour cream and lemon juice.

Meanwhile poach the eggs until the yolk is cooked but soft and runny.

Dish out the risotto onto plates and place an egg in the centre of each one.




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