Salmon & Egg with gluten free pancakes – low FODMAP

Salmon & Egg with gluten-free pancakes - low FODMAP
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Salmon & Egg with gluten-free pancakes - low FODMAP
Winter has well and truly set in and I am surrounded by sick people at work. I am breathing the same air that they cough and sneeze into a thousand times a day. The chances of me escaping this winter illness-free are decreasing by the day. I haven’t been sick since I got the swine flu in Peru three or four years ago and don’t want to break my rather impressive record for staying bug-free. I could suggest they all wear face masks or I could wear a gas mask myself. It might start a trend – a healthy trend. Some suggest munching on Vitamin C, others say drink heaps of water and still others say squirt your throat with antiseptic spray. My method for staying healthy is to eat well, sleep enough and drink a little – yep, alcohol kills bugs. I am not saying this always works but it helps. Keep your immune system strong and hope for the best.
Following that line of thought, I cooked this dish for dinner. I made these fabulous pancakes made with oats and rice flour, which I found on the blog, Delicious as it looks. I did make several changes, using my favourite flours and to get the consistency I liked but go and have a look at her recipe. My version will be in my cookbook. I then piled salmon, salad greens and poached eggs on top with a lovely creamy yoghurt sauce. The pancakes stayed together beautifully and really behaved just like wheat ones so they will become a staple of my recipe repertoire.
Here’s to a healthy winter season.

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    That’s a great way to serve pancakes! I’ve used pancakes as a savory before, but never with greens and such. Really terrific looking dish! I hope you stay well – you’re right that it’s mainly your immune system that prevents you from succumbing to all the germs around. And I’m sure the alcohol is a good backup. 😉

  2. says

    Hi Suzanne! I’m so behind on my blog readying and see I’ve missed some great recipes here. Stay healthy and I hope you’re not affected by the bug going around. Honestly, I’ve never understood why ill people aren’t sent home from work — wouldn’t this be better for productivity? The pancakes looks fantastic! I love working with oat flour, and in pancakes it tastes great.

    • says

      Don’t worry, Nancy, I know what it feels like to get behind with my favourite blogs – not enough hours in the day.
      I found the oats created a thicker mixture which sat well in the frying pan and didn’t spread too far.

  3. says

    I’m trying to stay bug free too. Have had the flu and laryngitis this season and that’s hopefully it. I haven’t had the flu for about five years and I’m sure it’s because I take so many supplements. I love the look of your pancakes and that’s a perfect looking poached egg. Great recipe! xx

  4. says

    Here in Peru we started the winter season as well and I try to cheer myself up by posting mainly summer recipes :)
    The poached eggs are just perfect and the whole combination looks delicious and healthy.

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