To Support Your IBS

A free two week challenge to balance your lifestyle so you can control your irritable bowel symptoms

Have you ever felt this way...?

  • Your life is completely out of balance and you spend your time spinning in circles

  • You never get enough sleep and feel like a zombie throughout the day

  • Your muscles feel tense from the stress that never leaves you and you don't know how to relax

  • You have a variety of health issues as well as your IBS - headaches, muscle pain, fatigue - the list is endless

  • You never have time to yourself or to spend with your family without distractions

Wouldn't it be wonderful if...

  • You felt in control of your life every day so that you could fit everything in with ease, with minimal stress and maximum fulfillment

  • You felt rested and vital with endless energy so you could play with the kids, create dreams and steer your life towards a bright future

  • Your day was organized so that you had time for yourself to dream or read or walk by the beach or go to the movies

  • Your irritable bowel symptoms were under control and you didn't have to worry about the locality of the nearest toilet, so that you could focus on life

That's why I have created this free two-week challenge to develop some balance in your life and help your IBS

This challenge will dig deep into why you need balance in your life and separate out the various elements you have to put in place to make sure that your irritable bowel syndrome is not aggravated by a hectic, out of control lifestyle. You will be sent 6 challenges over the two weeks in the form of videos and downloadable worksheets with homework and then you will update us with your results in our private Facebook group. We are all brilliant at putting off what we know we need to do, so stop the procrastinating and make 2017 your best year ever with no regrets that once again you failed to live life to the fullest because of your crazy, out of control schedule which aggravates your IBS.

Challenge Starts Thursday 16th February 2017

How will this two-week challenge work?

Every two to three days, you will receive a lifestyle challenge with a video and downloadable worksheets. These will contain homework with clear instructions on how to implement it. You will then report in our private  Facebook group, where  you can ask questions and get support while creating these new lifestyle habits.

Hi, My Name is Suzanne

and I help people live a joyful life free of IBS symptoms

My life has been transformed by the low Fodmap diet and a bunch of changes I have made to my lifestyle. I am so stoked at this radical change in my life after having had IBS forever that I now dedicate my life to helping as many of you as I can to get rid of this horrible burden. Now that I know it is possible – and in spectacular fashion – I want to shout it from the rooftops. I am a certified nutritional therapist and a trained teacher and coach. I am fortunate enough to see people’s lives revolutionized every day through my coaching work and I want to get this message and solution out to the whole world. It drives me crazy that there are so many who don’t know there is an answer to all this suffering. My greatest moments have been turning a 3-year-old Indian girl from a child curled up in the corner in pain to a happy child playing out in the yard with her friends, and helping an 83-year-old woman, who had suffered horribly all her life, discover that there is peace on earth after all.




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