Suzanne Perazzini

Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coach

Would you like to:

  • live your life pain-free?
  • never think about a toilet again?
  • socialize without fear?
  • be free of the symptoms of IBS?

You can live an Inspired Life

Testing Proves Scientifically that 75% of those with IBS Can Be Dramatically Helped By The Low Fodmap Diet

The Low Fodmap Diet

The low Fodmap diet is complex. It is not simply a list of good and bad foods. It is a diet of combinations and amounts, when you eat and how you eat. Also, food is just one of the puzzle pieces of solving your IBS problems but it is the foundation block upon which all else is built. However, the other puzzle pieces are important too and must be addressed.

Is this you...?

  • You have restricted your diet down to a handful of foods that hurt you the least and yet you still fear eating for the pain which accompanies it? You would love to be able to eat a tasty, nutritious diet.

  • You have been from healthcare professional to healthcare professional with no joy. You have had test after test but nothing is ever found. You have tried every elimination diet going with little to no relief. What is the answer?

  • You feel tired, lacking energy, depressed, hopeless, overwhelmed. You desperately want a way out of this nightmare.

  • Your social life suffers because you are afraid to have an episode while out with friends. However, you would love to be able to join in with the fun.

  • You have researched the internet for help and found conflicting information and don’t know which way to turn. It all takes so much energy. You wish it could be easier

  • You think you lack the willpower to take on this diet with all its complications. Who has the time to dedicate to getting this right? If only it was simpler.

If this is you, you need the support and knowledge that the Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coaching program can give you

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Suzanne, you are an amazing woman and I am in awe of you.  I'm deeply grateful to who you are on this earth, not only about fodmaps but how you show up in our lives. You make a mighty difference to our world.


Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coaching Program

What this program can do for you:

  • how to control the symptoms of IBS so you can live a pain-free, normal life

  • how to be fully present for your family and friends so they can enjoy a new healthy you

  • how to integrate this diet into your social life so you can join in the fun again

  • how to travel without worrying about the location of toilets so that you can enjoy the experience and sights around you.

  • how to deal with work so that you can fully participate in all events, professional and social.

  • how to cook one meal for your family so that you save time and effort

  • how to create a balanced lifestyle that supports your IBS so that you can live a worry-free, inspired life

  • how to deal with the psychological barriers that hinder you so that you never have an episode again.

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I have found the course wonderful, educational and enlightening, and a definite inspiration to continue on with the Low FODMAP way of eating, to manage my IBS.

Yvette B

Suzanne is a fantastic resource and source of support for me during the process, cheering me on!  I recommend the program highly, so if you’re thinking about it, just do it!

Rachel D

Suzanne helped me through every step of the diet with endless support.  For the first time in my life I am not in pain after every meal and I feel more energized and healthy than ever before!

Kellie R

Suzanne was very responsive to my questions throughout the program.  I wish I had known about FODMAPs many years ago to save myself years of pain and frustration! Thanks Suzanne!!

Margaret K

The Transformation

At the end of the six weeks, you will come away from this process pain-free with the knowledge to help you make good food choices and the strength to stay the course into the future, having overcome any mental blocks which stopped you before. You will also have a new plan and habits which will incorporate all the necessary elements for a balanced lifestyle.

You might think that you can do this by yourself and you might manage it. It could take you 6 months or a year to gather all the pieces together like I have done over the last 2 years but this is a complex diet – the list of allowed foods is only one piece of the puzzle. There are many pieces that make up the complete transformation.

I can do this for you in 6 weeks, not 6 months or 1 year. In fact, I can almost guarantee your pain will be gone in a week and by the end of the 6 weeks, you will have all the tools you need to continue into the future with a whole new life plan, including all the facets that keep IBS under control and that goes far beyond just the food.

This program is not just about food. It’s about lifestyle – living a more relaxed, vibrant, balanced life.

Think about it – 6 weeks instead of months or years more of pain and embarrassment and of stress for you and your family as you all cope with your ill-health. If you’re in pain right now, this is the time to get help. Not tomorrow or next week or after you have bought the house or after the kids have left home. Right now. Let today be the last day you suffer from pain.

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And when you join this program, I’m going to send you the bonus gift of the first piece of the puzzle – a download of an up-to-date comprehensive list (all 7 pages) of all the foods on the “You Can Eat” list with the amounts.

What my clients on the program have said ...

My life with IBS was a daily struggle just to make it to the next day. Pain, medication, no answers and no hope that I would ever feel like a normal person again.... And then I met Suzanne online, purely by chance. It was one of the best things that could've happened. Here is someone who knows.... Someone like us that has been there and lived what we've lived. Someone who's done the research and has the plan to help get your life back. I cannot stress enough how worth it this course has been and how much hope I now have that my future will be and can be kept pain free.

Dawn Carseldine – in her 30s

The Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coaching program was the solution I have been looking for ever since I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. After trying many fad diets that claim they cure digestive inflammation, starting another one was very daunting for me. Suzanne helped me through every step of the diet with endless support.  For the first time in my life I am not in pain after every meal and I feel more energized and healthy than ever before!  She taught me how to create balanced meal plans that fit my very busy lifestyle, provided me with some amazing recipes, and gave me tips for managing the stress that makes my digestive issues worse. I used to be afraid to eat so many foods and she showed me that I can have a lot more foods than I ever imagined. After 6 weeks I feel like I have all the weapons I need to tackle my digestive problems for the rest of my life! Suzanne's knowledge on how to incorporate this diet into your life is invaluable and I couldn't have done it without her.

Kellie Reidinger, 24 year old

The "Inspired Life" Low FODMAP 6 week coaching program was just what I needed to turn my life around and get my IBS under control, instead of the IBS controlling me.  Suzanne's program was very easy to follow and the recipes were delicious.  The cadence of the training was great to learn the various methods other than eating that were involved in controlling the IBS.  I realized during the program that my highly stressful lifestyle was causing me to trigger my IBS.  I've learned through the relaxation and meditation to take more deep breaths throughout the day and listen to the relaxation session.  Suzanne was very responsive to my questions throughout the program.  I wish I had known what FODMAPs were many years ago to save myself years of pain and frustration! Thanks Suzanne!!

Margaret Kneeland – in her 50s

My I.B.S. problem has bothered me for over 30 years and deteriorated to the extreme over the last year. I think I had become so addicted to all the foods that didn't like me.  I found it very hard to adopt the low fodmap food. The Low Fodmap diet founded by Dr Sue Shepherd was introduced to me by a local dietician.  I found this to be very difficult. I didn't have enough support at the introduction stage, no one to communicate with when I was faced with bad reactions.   This is when I found Suzanne online who was willing to help me.  By following her menus, taking note of the advice and lots of communication, I slowly gained some control over my gut problem. Stress was a major problem which I hadn't realized. The introduction of exercise, relaxation, changing my sleep pattern, eating smaller meals and enjoying slightly bigger morning and afternoon snacks, along with a focus on myself for the specific 6 week program has helped me immensely to regain everything that I.B.S. had taken away from me.  I can't thank Suzanne enough for her time, patience and support.

Judy Kemp – in her 60s

Thank you again so much for all your care, help and support.  I have found the course wonderful, educational and enlightening, and a definite inspiration to continue on with the Low FODMAP way of eating, to manage my IBS.  You have given me so many recipes and ideas to keep it interesting and well balanced.  And my tummy is very appreciative! You’ve also given me the strength to be assertive about what I can eat and drink that agrees with my stomach, so your method of coaching and support is brilliant!

Yvette B - in her 50s

I’d experienced stomach problems my entire life, but I’d always attributed them to poor diet: too many carbs, constant grazing, sugary drinks, and lots of coffee to “keep me going.”  When I started eating Paleo years ago when doing CrossFit, I felt better and lost weight but I still wasn’t 100%.  I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  Then recently, my stomach went completely awry.  Bloating I was used to, but this was 4-months-pregnant-bloating and daily acute stomach pain.  After visits to two different gastroenterologists and a multitude of tests and procedures with negative results, no one had any answers.  However, one of the GI doctors who diagnosed me with IBS suggested a low-FODMAP diet but he had no additional information on it -- he’d printed off the Internet!  I tried to follow it myself and research online but all I could manage by myself was hard boiled eggs and low-carb popcorn because these were the only things that seemed to keep my stomach calm.  This could not continue.  I dropped weight quickly and tons of energy and lived in fear of going out to eat.  During my online research, I found Suzanne’s blog, “Strands of My Life,” and noticed that she had a food coaching program.  It was fantastic that she called me from New Zealand and that I was able to talk to her about my ongoing issues.  I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone!  After some convincing of my husband who realized how much I’d been struggling to find things to eat, I joined the program, and just the other day, he said that it was life-changing for me.  Calm belly, calm mind!   The program was amazing: the one-on-one calls, the group Q&As, and the daily meal plans all helped me to heal my gut and my stress over what to eat.  Not being used to cooking since my husband is the chef in the family, I was daunted at first by the recipes, but they were all so delicious, I resolved not to eat out of a package or bag anymore, even if that package is a gluten-free package!  Gluten-free foods can be highly processed too!  Fresh food made such a difference for my mind and body and I finally understood what my trigger foods are!  I’m no longer eating “blind” when I go out to restaurant and I’m making informed choices.  Everyone in my family is on notice as well so when my husband cooks, he goes the low-FODMAP route as well and my picky kids enjoy the food (once they’ve been convinced to try new things!  Suzanne is a fantastic resource and source of support for me during the process, cheering me on!  I recommend the program highly, so if you’re thinking about it, just do it!

Rachel D – in her 30s

I have suffered from the symptoms of IBS for a number of years. The funny thing is you don’t realise the extent of your ‘suffering’ until you are feeling good and then you wonder why you didn’t do something much sooner! I have tried various diets in the past but my stomach seemed to react differently to food each time I ate, so I quickly became frustrated and gave up. Resigning myself to the fact that this would be something I’d just have to live with. Then I discovered the low FODMAP diet! I definitely recommend completing the six week program with Suzanne because you set yourself up to succeed with one-on-one guidance and advice on hand whenever you need it. At first, it was quite overwhelming starting a restrictive diet but I found the recipes I was given were really yummy and easy to prepare. This new lifestyle has been a huge learning curve for me and it still comes with its ups and downs as I discover what I can and can’t eat. But one thing I know for sure, is I’m feeling much happier and healthier than I used to and I think completing this program has been a great investment in my future.


I am totally happy with how I have felt. I have been walking the dog without fear! Being fearless about going out is such a great feeling, I have been walking with confidence. Over the years I have noticed my freedom slipping away and losing the ability to be out doors has been a great loss to me. The freedom to be mobile again without fear is a prayer answered and so is this diet. I'm putting my health first which is a rarity. I want to make the most of my time with you and learn this diet the best I can. I haven't felt this good in years!

Sue E

The six week course was worth every penny!  When I started I had to keep a mental list of toilet locations in my head while driving. Now I have very few problems. The course is worth every penny! I am definitely miles ahead of where I was at the start. I would recommend this course to anyone!


Before beginning Suzanne Perazzini's Low-FODMAP coaching program, I was terribly frustrated and felt lousy on a daily basis.  I had lost 12 pounds in the space of one month, was unable to eat much of anything without a serious disruption to my day.  My body was depleted of vital nutrients and I was struggling to get through a typical day due to lack of energy and confusion. Doctors had performed many tests, and, upon finding nothing out of the ordinary, told me that I had IBS and needed to learn to cope with it.  I was offered drugs and they helped to a point, but I knew that I didn't want to rely on them.  It was not until I did my own research and met Suzanne that I began to see any improvement in my health and happiness. Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable, available, and friendly.  Her program is easy to follow in that it is highly organized.  Meal plans are delivered well in advance to allow for planning and shopping, and they are flexible when it’s needed.  Aside from this, Suzanne's program is focused on helping the client as a whole person and it addresses one's daily habits and lifestyle.  This is essential to dealing with IBS effectively and Suzanne provides helpful exercises and tips to integrate healthy habits into her clients' lives. Most of all, I was impressed with Suzanne's availability throughout the program.  The 18 hour time difference did not affect her response time, nor did the cultural differences (there are bound to be a few of these between the continents).  Suzanne is a true coach.  She tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, but she also feels like a friend by the end of the journey. Suzanne upholds her end of the deal as a wonderful Low-FODMAP coach, but be aware that as the client, you need to also be committed to the process.  I got frustrated along the way and my symptoms did not completely resolve, but I saw major improvement and I would not have traded this experience for anything.  Suzanne and her Low-FODMAP coaching program helped me with my IBS far more than any doctor.  I will forever be grateful for this journey.


When I started the low Fodmap diet I was at my wits end. I was sick and tired of being bloated, feeling full and constipated all of the time and very demoralised about the poor professional help - in short I had had enough. After having an enema I was determined not to have that feeling again, thankfully the low Fodmap diet was suggested. After some research dieticians in the UK seemed misinformed - thankfully Suzanne fit the bill. It's been a very enlightening experience, within a couple of weeks I became more regular than I can ever remember -life changing! I can now see my feet, no longer looking 5 months pregnant, no more belly full of wind and to top it all lost a few pounds around my new found flatter stomach. When I saw the initial menu I thought I'd never find the time to implement it, but that thought was short lived. The results of the combination of weekly menus, 1-on-1 guidance, weekly on-line tips and exercises changed my life. I have always been a health conscious person who believed I was quite aware of what fuel my body required - I was so wrong. Now I have a different tool kit that better suits the job, I've been able to repair and rebuild a very sick body, improve my mind set and family life. Saying I'm grateful is an understatement. A big THANK YOU, Suzanne for sorting me out – great.

Sylvia Vincent

I have my health back and the tools to go on from here. IBS was controlling my activities and leaving me unsure of having a normal life. At first, I was skeptical about getting positive results from a diet and very hesitant of my abilities to make these meals as I am not a cook. My husband does all the cooking. I didn't have to wait long as my symptoms lessoned after the first week. I have completed the six weeks sticking to the diet and learning to cook in the process. I also have other tools as part of the program including relaxation techniques, exercises and eating healthy snacks twice a day in addition to my regular 3 meals a day. This is an accomplished program. Well thought out, including many tasty recipes and beautifully illustrated. The end result is feeling incredible. Suzanne is just an email away to divert any questions and offer support. I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from IBS.


Suzanne, I want to thank you again for the enormous contribution your low FODMAP consulting has been in my life. When I started, my daily IBS pain was floating between 4 and 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, now it’s not unusual for me to go all day without anything more than a temporary 1/2 immediately after I eat a meal. For example, on Saturday my wife and I took a 3-hour drive to the ocean. This is the first drive, beyond 45 minutes that I’ve taken in the last 2 years, and the only recreationally oriented drive beyond 15 minutes.  We are planning additional trips. I have much more energy. I am working much more. I had a business lunch with a client last week and it went just fine. I could cry. Once again, from the bottom of my heart, let me thank you for the contribution you’ve been to our lives.

Dave Williams

With the weekly menu plans, the many delicious recipes, the follow up with a daily dairy page, the encouragement, tips and advice in mails and weekly phone calls made it so much easier to follow the elimination diet. During these 6 weeks, I also fully realized that not only what you eat, but also stress management, relaxation and daily exercises are very important when one has to cope with IBS. And this approach makes the program quite unique. And last but not least, it was great to be symptom free at the end, so thank you Suzanne!


I would eat and feel uncomfortable. The IBS symptoms increased in regularity and I would get bad stomach cramps once a month. They were bad enough for me to lie in bed all day or be awake most of the night. I was desperate to do anything that would help. Suzanne’s meal plans were great because they told me exactly what I should eat for every meal. After day one of being on the program, I felt much better. I was amazed how quickly it worked. I have not had any major IBS symptoms in the four months since starting the Low Fodmaps Diet to the time of writing this Testimonial. I am a new man!


Suzanne has helped me change my life! I have had IBS all my life. I remember when I was younger, people told me I just had a "nervous stomach". As I got older and my symptoms became worse, I was diagnosed with IBS. I have tried everything from fiber supplements to prescription medication. Nothing worked. It only masked the symptoms. Now that I have gone through Suzanne's program, I am managing my symptoms, and I feel better than I have in years!! Thank you Suzanne! I praise God for sending her into my life!


Before finding Suzanne and her program I had suffered with chronic IBS and it's symptoms for over 4 years.  It was a daily struggle of going to the restroom/toilet 6 to 10 times each day within the AM hours.  Even when the "going" had stopped, I still had pain and cramping that would continue throughout the rest of the day and evening.

I was reluctant to jump into the coaching program, but doctors had not been able to help me with the many medical tests and medications.  So, why not give it a try.

It took me about 3 weeks into the program to see a real change in my bowels and symptoms.  Trips to the toilet were less than half, and the pain/cramps were little to nothing and almost eliminated.  I was able to find out what foods were my triggers and what I needed to avoid.  Suzanne's program has changed me for the better.  As we were nearing the end of the program my wife said, "You are a totally different person"!!  I guess that statement sums it up.

Tom M. - Indiana, USA