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What are these low Fodmap services?

Low Fodmap E-Course

Have you just been told you need to do the low Fodmap diet by a health practitioner or perhaps you have been trying it by yourself for a while but don't seem to have all the pieces to make it work?

Then this is the course for you. You will get meal plans, diary pages, individual guidance from me through a private Facebook group and all the information you need on how to use this diet effectively to eliminate your IBS symptoms once and for all.

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Low Fodmap Phone Consultation

Do you need to consult with a nutritional therapist who specializes in the low Fodmap diet so you can get help with creating your individual low Fodmap diet strategy?

Then this is what you need. Included in the phone consultation is an accurate up-to-date low Fodmap food chart, a diary page template and an 8-page "Plan to Succeed" document to help you implement the diet.

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Hear from My Clients

Below some of my clients have shared their stories to inspire you that the future can be bright

"I had never heard of IBS nor had any symptoms until 2017, but it hit me like a ton of bricks! All of a sudden, eating became my mortal enemy. It seemed no matter what I tried to eliminate or add, nothing worked and I continued to feel miserable. I had so many medical tests and tried several medicines, both doctor prescribed and over the counter, but none of them helped at all. I was really concerned that I would live the rest of my life with these really uncomfortable symptoms.

In my endless search of internet sites I found conflicting information about IBS which only confused me more. When I finally started YOU-TUBING IBS, I came across Suzanne’s Strands of My Life. I watched every single video she had and by the end was convinced and contacted her immediately.  The six weeks I have worked with her on my diet and lifestyle have been wonderful. Things got better within a few weeks and my symptoms became much more manageable. They continued to improve and now I feel pretty free of all my IBS symptoms. I know I am going to have to watch what I eat for the rest of my days, but it is a small price to pay for my improved health. Suzanne is well informed, very compassionate and encouraging. I will be forever in her debt. THANKS SUZANNE!"

*John - Seattle, USA

"I have suffered from IBS for more than 2 years and kept looking for a solution as I always felt so bloated and was trying to lose weight at the same time. I tried different kind of diets, like Keto, Fasting, soup detox etc, but they just did not really work for me.  But luckily, I found Suzanne. During the 6 week program, I learned more about IBS and the most important thing is that I now know what foods trigger my symptoms and the reasons why they make me bloated. After this programme, I feel less bloated and know exactly how to avoid getting IBS symptoms. This program has been my IBS solution - it has helped me to build a healthy and suitable diet for myself.

Besides, Suzanne is just a wonderful coach. She is patient, knowledgeable and responsible. No matter how many questions I had, she answered and explained them point by point, I was always excited to talk with her every week. I feel thankful and grateful to have met her on my IBS journey. THANK YOU ! SUZANNE !!! "

*Joemary Leung - Hong Kong

"Thank you for giving me my life back!  Two years ago, I was diagnosed with diverticulosis following a routine colonoscopy.  The doctor sent me home with a handout and advised me to follow a “high fiber” diet.  That was really the beginning of an increasingly miserable cycle of constipation, bloating, pain – laxative use – constipation, bloating, pain.  I felt sick most of the time and that negatively affected my life and my family.  Then, in May 2019, I was on vacation and got so sick I stayed in bed while my husband went sight-seeing.  It was then that I searched the internet for answers as to what I might have and how to treat it.  I came across IBS-C which sounded a lot like what I had.  I knew I didn’t want to go on medications or become dependent on laxatives so when I came across your website and the low-FODMAP diet and lifestyle recommendation, I thought “what have I got to lose?”.

I emailed you and you got back to me right away.  Thank you!  I deliberately followed your advice; first with the elimination diet, then relaxation, sleep, exercise, fun activities and then adding different foods back into my diet.  It took my body about 3 weeks, just as you advised, to get back to “normal” with no bloating, pain, or constipation.  You kept in touch with my every day and helped with each challenge I experienced.  We only found a couple of foods I don’t tolerate and I’m okay with that.  I feel so much better now and that’s motivation to avoid those foods.  For me, it’s more about eating certain foods in moderation and taking care of myself with relaxation, sleep and moderate exercise.

I so appreciate your expertise and encouragement.  I’m so thankful that you were able to help me feel well again and we did it with healthy eating, relaxation, and moderate exercise!

Thank you again and I highly recommend you and your consultation to anyone experiencing IBS!"

*Caryl B – Colorado, USA

"My life before the program consisted of daily frustration and confusion about what the heck was going wrong with my body. I went from eating anything under the sun with no issues to turning 26 years old and beginning to notice major digestive malfunctions. Two years of not know what was going on and then I had the privilege of finding you! The program was difficult for me as I was not 100% ready to accept that I had IBS all the sudden; however, the program was ultimately life changing and it was just what I needed to take control over my life again. Seriously. You taught me discipline, responsibility, love for myself, and a healthy way to manage my IBS through the low FODMAP diet. Now I absolutely know that I can move forward with the diet and have success on my own. All thanks to your support, your wisdom, and most importantly- your passion to help those in need. Thank you Suzanne!! I am very excited for you to continue educating people and getting the word out there about the low FODMAP diet. Be blessed and continue to grow the low FODMAP community through your program."

*Ashley - Tennessee, USA

"My life before the program was a whirlwind of doctors appointments, test, blood tests, tears, missing multiple days of school, and staying home from activities because I didn't feel like going out. I have always been a relatively healthy and conscious eater (especially for a 16 year old my mom says) which made this even more frustrating. I was eating blackberries, bananas, onion, sweet potatoes, cauliflower etc., always piling on the fruits and veggies. However, to my dismay, I would always end up uncomfortable, bloated and sometimes in stomach pain due to these habits and I had no clue what was causing it. During the program I was able to figure out my triggers making my life significantly less complicated. I will admit it's tough and takes some mental strength to stay on track and during the program I definitely needed video talks and emails with Suzanne who kept me on the right path. She replied in a timely manner which made the experience that much more helpful. Looking back I realized the six weeks flew by even though the first two were definitely the most difficult. Currently I am a lot happier with my life. I can plan my food ahead and know that I can spend a day out with friends or take a road trip and not come home early in tears. I was also taking so many natural supplements but ever since this program I haven't taken any and my constipation is gone. This gives my mind some relief because it lessons my worrying and obsession about how I am going to feel throughout the day. I am so appreciative of Suzanne's support throughout her program. I highly recommend this for anyone who is struggling with stomach problems. It is worth it and has changed my life around to a complete 180."

*Jordan Faith - Maryland, USA

"My 16-year-old daughter spent two years with bloating and abdominal pain before we finally found Suzanne.  We spent those two years seeing pediatric GI doctors, gynecologists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and nutritionists.  She had an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, breath tests, blood work and ultrasounds all before the age of 16.  She was on 2 capfuls of Miralax per day with cleanses every Saturday that would leave her drained.  We got her off the Miralax and onto more natural supplements but the bloating and pain persisted.  Everyone we met would say drink plenty of water and increase your fruits and vegetables.  Despite all of this my beautiful baby would cry in frustration and pain.  She would opt out of social activities because of the bloating and pain or the sheer fear of its onset.  She was becoming depressed.  This summer I have watched her come alive again.  I will be forever grateful to Suzanne for that.  We tried a low FODMAP diet on our own but it wasn’t until we worked with Suzanne that we finally found success.  We worked one on one with Suzanne.  She is knowledgeable, patient, understanding and available when we need her.  I am happy to say we have not spent any money on monthly appointment or expensive supplements since we started working with Suzanne.  That has been a wonderful blessing but the true blessing is that my daughter now has comfort and peace of mind."

*Kirsten Faith - Maryland, USA

"Before Suzanne’s program, (and for about 30 years) I existed on a very limited diet due to painful GI symptoms from IBS. My meals were sporadic and I had a very strong craving for sugar-laden foods. I had only recently heard a little about FODMAPS from a dietitian who suggested that they may cause problems for me. However, she could not offer me any assistance. I discovered Suzanne’s program online and asked whether she could help me with FODMAPs while keeping my diet heart healthy, low oxalate (due to kidney stones), and pre-diabetes friendly.  She carefully considered my requirements and thoughtfully walked me through the elimination phase, testing, re-introduction phase,  guided me in meal planning, meal timing,  and portion sizes, and expanded my diet to include a greater variety of healthy foods, which I had been avoiding for years.  Because of Suzanne, I learned that by always eating enough protein and low FODMAP healthy carbs together in 3 meals and 2 snacks spaced throughout the day, I am satiated and no longer crave simple carbs. She also taught me a lot about living a more balanced life! Thank you very much!"

*Joni J - Florida, USA

"I have suffered from severe stomach pains and bloating for many years. I have endured MRI scans, a hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, hydrogen breath testing, gastroscopies and naturopath consultations to try and find the cause. Then a few years ago my doctor suggested that I may have IBS and recommended that I try a low FODMAP diet. I tried this but failed to stick to it and gave up. How fortunate I was to have recently found Suzanne and joined her Low FODMAP Diet. While the 6 week programme is no walk in the park, the difference from trying to do this on your own is having Suzanne’s support. Her daily meal plans and recipes took away the guess-work and helped me understand how crucial it was to eat the right quantities and combinations of different food groups. And the daily diary kept me on track. Together we identified a number of foods that cause problems for me and the amazing thing is this – all I have to do is avoid those foods and I am pain-free. Thank you so much Suzanne, you are a life-saver. "

*Jan – Auckland, New Zealand

"Before signing up for Suzanne’s coaching program, I was already on the low fodmap diet.  I was followed by a very good nutritionist, but as she had few cases on this diet, she did not have Suzanne’s expertise and although I had had some improvement, we had hit a wall.

I was having episodes of severe cramping and diarrhea, which could keep me on the toilet for 2 hours at least once in a 2 week period, as well as 10 to 15 episodes of diarrhea in a 2 week period. That restricted my life a lot and when I did go somewhere, it was with the fear that a severe flare-up would suddenly come up on me.

I decided to take the coaching program so as to better understand this diet, which remained so daunting to me and in the hope of improving my quality of life and getting better control of my symptoms.

Suzanne’s coaching program was right on and helped me gain a better understanding of the low fodmap diet and a better knowledge of what I can eat and the right quantities. I loved the meal plans, which helped me get a better  sense of what daily meals should look like and some very good recipes which have given me more variety and ideas to continue planning meals on my own.

I can now add small quantities of certain foods I avoided, and my symptoms are much more under control and I have not had the severe episodes I was having before since I have started the program, and this is still good 2 weeks after I have finished the program. I have made 2 short trips (one 800 km and one 400 km) with very few symptoms (I had brought food for most of my meals), which I would not have risked before the program. The documentation was excellent, and I really liked the lifestyle approach and now have more balance in my life. I found Suzanne to be a very sensitive and knowledgeable person. The daily feedback by email was a great support as were the weekly phone calls.  I am so glad to have participated as the impact will last a lifetime.  Thank you so much Suzanne!"

*Denyse – Quebec, Canada

"Suzanne Perazzini and her program Strands of My Life have immeasurably improved my quality of life.  Prior to completing the program I had approximately 2 days per month where I was symptom free.  My symptoms included very uncomfortable bloating to the point of nausea.  Once or twice a week I found it necessary to take prescription anti-nausea medication which would leave me feeling extraordinarily tired.  It was very challenging trying to keep up with my family , including my 11 year old son and 14 year old daughter feeling like this 99% of the time.  That left me short tempered.  I felt that I often just tolerated evening activities because I couldn't wait to go to bed to get relief with sleep.

The program itself was challenging.  The aspects I struggled with were organization, time management, and the unlikeability of food preparation.   I am not inclined to enjoy food preparation. I dislike taking the time to shop, peel, and chop.  The program requires plenty of this.  But the reward of feeling better was the light at the end of the tunnel I was striving for.  And I was successful!  I did not struggle with the food itself.  The foods I ate were mostly the same foods I was eating before - just in different quantities, at different times, and combined with different ingredients.  The recipes were delicious.

Where I am today is with a very grateful frame of mind.  With Suzanne's help I have uncovered my food intolerances.  This allows me to be symptom free day after day.  I continue to be amazed over this.  I was plagued for the past 20 years.  I have not felt this well in 20 years. Two decades!  Suzanne is brilliant - her knowledge of this topic is immense.  She had answers and insight into all my questions.  She made helpful suggestions at each turning point.  I will forever be grateful."

*Natalie Wermuth – Georgia, USA

"Suzanne is very knowledgeable and was personally invested in my success in following the FODMAP diet. She has a thoughtfully laid out program she has you follow and keeps you on track through regular check ins. These check ins are critically important for tweaking the diet to suit everyone's health idiosyncrasies. I've struggled with IBS for the better part of 8 years and have tried just about everything (e.g. coffee enemas, fasting, Paleo, over-the-counter pills, etc, etc). Since completing Suzanne's program I feel much more in control of my IBS and can more quickly recover when I get off track.  Highly recommend!"

*Jim – Massachusetts, USA

"Before I started Suzanne's low FODMAP program my life was very unpredictable.  Sometimes I would have stomach troubles and sometimes I wouldn't but could never figure out the pattern.  I knew it had to be something that I should be able to control but I just didn't know how.  My doctor gave me a sheet on the low FODMAP diet so I searched the internet and found Suzanne.  She explained how hard it would be to do the diet on my own because it is complex to figure out and she has put all the time and research into making it easier for other people.  I was skeptical at first to pay money to someone I didn't know but I can tell you that she is very trustworthy and does everything she says she is going to.  Plus, you get results.  After the initial period of my body adjusting to a different way of eating, my stomach hasn't felt so good in a long time.  I did not have the bad abdominal cramping I used to have for the entire time I was on the program.  It really does work.  Now, if I mess up, I have the tools and knowledge of what to do to get back to the right eating.  I am very grateful that I found Suzanne to help me change the way I eat and live a more pain free life. Thank you Suzanne."

*Janet – Florida, USA

"I am one of the lucky ones, I suppose. For most of my life, I didn't have any significant digestive disturbances and certainly didn't identify as an IBS sufferer. Then about 10 years ago I began having inexplicable attacks of diarrhea that were not related to illness. By most standards I ate a healthy diet, and could not figure out any particular triggers that would cause such distress. These flare ups could ruin a vacation and make work challenging to say the least. I saw GI specialists who really had nothing to offer except fiber supplements or anti-depressants! Worst of all, the frequency of my bathroom trips began to takes its toll on my very sore bottom. I ended up needing surgery which was a 10 + on the pain scale. At that point, I knew I needed to get a handle on the root of the problem. Some internet research led me to FODMAPS and eventually to Suzanne Perazzini. I am very cautious regarding health practitioners, but from the first consult, I was struck by Suzanne's knowledge, empathy and clarity. Since she has lived with IBS herself, she KNOWS what the condition is like and the challenges of the Low FODMAP diet. Following this elimination diet takes a great deal of discipline, and I don't think I could have done it correctly without Suzanne's support. Importantly, Suzanne has a holistic concept, guiding the integration of relaxation, sleep, exercise into the program. Her weekly phone calls kept me smiling, even when I felt discouraged.

I have now finished the 6 week program and it was clearly one the best health decisions I have made. My bathroom situation is normal, and should a problem arise, I can usually determine the probable cause. I can always get back on track and proceed, eliminating the culprit. There are very few "magic bullets" in life, but for me, the Low FODMAPS diet has been one. Suzanne provides the support needed to do this process correctly, which can greatly improve the quality of your life!"

*Diane - Pasadena, California, USA

"I was diagnosed with IBS 8 months ago. What a shock, but at least I knew what I was suffering from. My stomach was constantly bloated, gassy, sore and I had diarrhea every day. No-one could give me good solid advice. Doctors knew nothing and put me on medication which only helped temporarily. I searched and searched Google on IBS, got so much conflicting information, was so confused, not understanding fully the FODMAP diet and how to use it. I was so frustrated.  Then I found Suzanne on Google! What a blessing.  After reading through her website and listening to her heart-warming videos of her experience going through as an IBS sufferer, it rang so true, I immediately contacted her.  

I started her one-on-one 6- week Inspired Life Low FODMAP Coaching Program. The beginning was hard as it took me time to understand the program and make changes, (stubborn me) but Suzanne was so patient and understanding.  With her experience and knowledge, she guided me, helped me work through and eliminate foods that I had NO idea were causing my IBS to be worse. She helped me understand food amounts, food combinations, and especially when to eat! She also taught me how important sleep is, looking after myself, and de-stressing my life on a daily basis.

After 6-weeks I feel so different and I have created new lifestyle changes that have made my life so much more manageable and enjoyable and I am determined to stick to them. This is so hard to do on your own, but I feel that I have all the right information now to continue.

Thank you Suzanne for helping me! This has been invaluable. I can't recommend your program enough to anyone suffering from IBS. This is the real deal."

*Yasmin Bendror - New Jersey, USA

"My 12 year old son was diagnosed with IBS after a long time of unexplained stomach pain.  We were recommended a dietician who went through the Monash University food booklet with me.  I cut out the foods that were high FODMAP but something still wasn’t working and I found it quite overwhelming.  I researched and came across Strands of My Life.  While the program Suzanne offers is not cheap, it’s a one-on-one 6 week program where your food is recorded and emailed to Suzanne each day.  She lets you know what you are doing wrong as it’s all about balance, food combining and timing which our initial dietician didn’t tell me about which I think is crucial to the FODMAP diet success.  I found the support to be exceptional and the daily feedback really helped.  I think just having someone to answer your every question was great - Suzanne’s  program was worth every cent. "

*Rachel Macdonald - Australia

"I would like to start off by saying that this program and Suzanne genuinely had a huge impact on my health and my outlook on living with IBS. Being 20 years old, in college, and a journalism student, I struggled to find time to juggle my health, school and a social life. I was constantly picking between whether or not I wanted to feel good, have fun or be productive. I had doctors that told me I merely had acid reflux and gave me a pamphlet on what I could and couldn't eat. I was already gluten, dairy, soy and most protein free (in hopes of feeling better) and receiving more foods I couldn't eat was starting to become discouraging. I went out on a limb and contacted Suzanne desperate for any help I could get. Suzanne guided me through her diet and I was symptom free for the full six weeks. The diet could be tough at times, but if six weeks was all I had to give to feel better, then it was worth it. Suzanne explained literally everything to me. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time that I will take with me as I continue my journey living with IBS. Not only did she help me with what to eat, but also how to manage a healthier lifestyle with sleep and relaxation. Her phone calls became nothing short of a relief as she was always there to offer advice and help me navigate my diet and future with IBS. I would highly, highly recommend this program if you are serious about getting healthy and ready to stop living in fear of IBS symptoms."

*Kelly Palecek - Illinois, USA

"For years and years, my IBS symptoms continued to worsen. I started to lose energy and motivation to continue what felt like a daily battle. When I started Suzanne’s 6 week program, I quickly learned that my life would forever be changed. Not only does she help with the physical symptoms, but she also teaches you the importance of developing a routine through exercise, relaxation and sleep. I now feel amazing and never knew it was possible to feel this good."

*Kristen - New York, USA

“Before starting the program, I had been suffering with IBS for 10 years, which started as a teenager. My symptoms would flare up and calm down at different stages of my life, but over the last year, my IBS was at its worst due to anxiety and stress. I had been to the doctors on numerous occasions, who would just advise me to take Imodium and eat a healthy diet. Not knowing what to eat, I had eliminated so many foods from my diet. I was tired all the time and had no energy. I decided to contact Suzanne, after coming across her Facebook page. It was so reassuring to speak to someone who completely understood you. I went ahead with the program and I would never look back. I have introduced so many foods back into my diet and have learnt a lot about food, especially all those hidden ingredients that are in processed foods! I have learnt a lot about myself over the past 6 weeks. The program isn't just about food; there are strategies to help you cope with stress, which was really beneficial to me. Now, after the program, I have a good diet, I am less anxious and I have found the strength to do things I wouldn't have done before. Thank you Suzanne.” 

*Michelle - Canterbury, United Kingdom

"I recently completed Suzanne's Inspired Life six-week low FODMAP program.  In 2010, I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis and during the last two years have struggled with debilitating diarrhea.  It's not IBS specifically but the good news is the low FODMAP diet works quite well for me. Suzanne's six week program includes several components which are critical to one's wellbeing.  To begin with, Suzanne has great empathy and kindness when dealing with someone who lives with a chronic condition.  I looked forward to our weekly phone conversations.  She listened to my observations and questions, suggested changes to improve my program, and shared her coaching experience.  Without a doubt, in addition to the diet and daily journaling, which I continue to do, the most valuable tools are the strategies for stress relief.  I have incorporated the deep breathing exercises to control stressful thoughts which easily trigger my symptoms.  Before bed at night and after waking in the morning, I complete a relaxation exercise to calm my brain and gut.  This has helped avoid the most common stressors. Even though I don't expect my situation will go away, I feel like I am much better prepared with tools to deal with my colitis for the future.  Thank you, Suzanne."

*Barbara Leach – California, USA

"Suzanne, I would like to thank you for all your guidance in resolving my IBS-D symptoms.   I attempted to figure out the low fodmap diet by searching the Internet but just did not have any luck until I found your website and Facebook group.  You have changed my life!!  After 6 weeks of your 1 on 1 course I am symptom free.  I highly recommend your course to others. Again, thank you so much for all you do."

*Phyllis LeMay – Roseville, USA

“I was diagnosed with IBS for the first time in 2009. I went to the doctor because I was bloated and constipated for 3 weeks with it only getting worse. Apart from prescribing me some anti-spasm pills the doctor told me that there wasn’t anything else that could be done. I just had to “watch my food”, she told me. Without any explanation what that meant or what I was doing wrong. This lead to years of me experimenting and trying many different things, some helped others made it worse. When I learned about the low-FODMAP diet I tried looking for a dietitian in Berlin but couldn’t find any that already had experience with this diet. This is when I came across Suzanne and her programme.

After having my first chat with Suzanne I didn’t have to think long or hard. It was clear that she was very knowledgeable about this topic and I felt I could rely on her to help me get better. Now, 8 weeks later, I am still very happy I decided this. My symptoms are gone, and when I do have some I know why. This last part, knowing the reasons, knowing my body, is what has made me so happy and confident, it is what I appreciate the most of all the things I learned from Suzanne – which is a lot! We were in touch every day, it really felt like there was someone by my side every step of the way.

I would highly recommend Suzanne and her programme to anyone with IBS. She really knows how to help you and how to guide you through this difficult process. On top of that, she’s a lovely and kind lady with whom I always felt understood. “

*Jorinde - Berlin, Germany

"Suzanne successfully guided me through the low FODMAP elimination and reintroduction diet in which I had dabbled half-heartedly and with a lot of frustration for 2 years.  She accomplished this in six weeks!  I ended up with a diet and meal plan which was much less restrictive than I thought.  She gives you the guidance you need to navigate this diet and life-changing experience to improve your symptoms.  Her weekly meal plans, daily emails, and weekly phone calls are integral to the process.  I am so glad I did this program and would highly recommend it!"

*Jothi Murali – California, USA

"Thank you Suzanne. I certainly feel inspired, motivated, confident and ready to continue this wonderful new way of eating and recognizing my stress and breathing through it. I am loving the food, the exercise and the meditation. My prayer was to gain the confidence for my trip to Europe. My fear was that my IBS and my confusion was the difference between food affecting my gut and my stress.  I am so grateful to now be able to recognize this and, knowing it is only 6weeks into my new way of life, I have so much to continue learning and to look forward to. I will continue to keep my food diary until there may come a day where I don't need it. Thanks for your skill and confidence, for your desire to help others and share and for the down-to-earth way you have of expressing yourself and your delicious recipes. You WERE the answer to my prayers. Best wishes and blessings."

*Helen - Australia

"After many years of suffering the IBS symptoms of bloating, abdominal pains and an overuse of laxatives I was very pleased to have found your website. The site and whole approach has been very professional throughout and although I am still on the journey to limit these symptoms, feel I am now in control. There is no way I would have achieved nearly as much as I have on my own, so the cost of the course was definitely worth it to me, and I would have no reservation it recommending "Strands of My Life" to other IBS sufferers.”

*Robert - United Kingdom

"For several years I have suffered with diarrhea. Two years ago, my father became seriously ill and my diarrhea increased. I lost weight, strength, and energy.  I tried several alternative solutions to cure my diarrhea. These included apple cider vinegar, aloe vera juice, the BRAT diet, and others.  By pure chance, I found Suzanne's program on the Internet. I took a chance that this might work for me. After the consultation call with Suzanne, I signed up for the program immediately. I am so glad I did. Within two weeks, my symptoms were completely gone. With Suzanne's guidance, we worked the remainder of the program to find my triggers. Today, I remain symptom free and know exactly what I need to do if my diarrhea returns. I am so grateful that I took this chance on Suzanne and The Low Fodmap Diet!"

*Debbie - Tennessee, USA

"I will continue this diet for the rest of my life. The diet has made such a difference in how I feel and my quality of life. I understand why, what I was eating/drinking was making my gut upset so much of the time. I was at a point in my life where I was afraid to leave home or travel. My doctor handed me pages of the Low Fodmap diet. I admit, I was feeling desperate by this time. Called Suzanne, one of the best calls I ever made. She was understanding, but firm with me if I strayed. She is a caring Fodmap coach and because of her I feel so much better, which makes my husband, family and friends happy and relieved.  Very grateful for this diet. Also, Suzanne pointed out the importance of excercise and understanding the connection between the gut and brain.  Wishing the best to all!!"

*Kathryn Palombi - Dallas, USA

"For years and years, I went to naturopaths, dieticians, nutritionists, health centres and my own GP to find answers to lifelong IBS problems.

I am now 50 years old and have suffered with IBS for all of my life, sometimes worse than other times. I had been given concoctions and tonics and medication and diets to use and nothing helped.  My GP and other doctors’ favourite things to say were, “Here take this Metamucil and you will be fine” or “Have you tried probiotics?” which I would in the early days so no... and I tried everything.   Nothing ever worked, nothing ever got rid of my symptoms of feeling sick and bloated and in pain and not being able to go to the toilet for days, lots of days sometimes.

Then, after feeling sick for too long and also dealing with menopause which I am pretty sure makes it worse, I decided to google away and discovered a thing called FODMAPs  It was saying that certain food components cause the bowel to distend by drawing in more fluid and rapidly generating gas when they are fermented by the bowel bacteria..... I thought yes, so I wondered what these FODMAPs were  and what did it mean... so I googled more and came across Suzanne’s website “Strands of my life”.

From that moment my eyes were opened up to information I had never heard before and I was amazed. For example, no dietician or nutritionist had ever said, “No onions or garlic” to me ever. With this new found information, I emailed Suzanne and started on my journey to a better non-IBS life.

Suzanne has so much to offer via her website, but it wasn’t until I took the next step of enrolling in her 6-week program that I knew I had come to the right place. Not only does Suzanne give you step-by-step instructions on what to eat and what not to eat, she also teaches you when to eat those foods and how much of them you can or can’t eat.  This program is very in-depth and by keep diary entries of everything I did on a daily basis helped me even more.

The added bonus of Suzanne’s program was the homework task each week from drinking 8 glasses of water a day to meditation, family time, exercise etc. All of these skills were just another way of making sure my life was on track.  Suzanne, I could have never done it on my own as I am the type of person that needs reassurance so, with your fun, chatty and serious (at times) but very encouraging  weekly phone calls and regular emailing, I was able to deal with this better and I thank you so much for that.

So, once again, thank you so much for all your help and guidance. I am so excited to feel so much better and to have learnt so much and I carry it into my everyday life now.

I have recommended you and your website to all of my friends that struggle with IBS, and tell them what I know now - don’t waste another day struggling with this.

We only have one life, so we need to go live it, to the fullest – pain-free."

*Anne Smith - Sydney, Australia

"A few years ago I was in pain with gastric and IBS problems. It was a horrible period of my life and struggled mentally as well as physically. I tried many things like medication and food elimination to no avail. My GP suggested I go on line and find out about the Low Fodmap diet which I did and that led me to Suzanne. I enrolled in the 6 week Low Fodmap diet program with Suzanne and I'm so glad I did because It really has changed my life. Not only did I learn about food but also about myself and how to eat the right foods at the right time and I now lead a good life without medication and without the pain. With Suzanne's coaching and positive encouragement throughout, regular phone calls and communication I was able to deal with the strict diet.

I can say Thank you Suzanne so much for getting me to a lovely and healthy mindset. I know I could never have done it without you and you hold a special place in my heart now."

*Maria L. - Oxford, England

"Working with Suzanne has been wonderful!  I have had gut issues my whole life, but they have gotten much worse in the past five years.  After too many doctor’s appointments and too many medications I stumbled upon Strands Of My Life. I decided to enrol in Suzanne's Low Fodmap Coaching program because I had nothing to lose.  Suzanne helped me establish healthy eating habits so I could stay one step ahead of my IBS.  Keeping careful notes of my daily record sheets, Suzanne was able to identify culprits of my bloating and pain symptoms.  The elimination phase is easy and hard; easy because you begin to feel better and hard because you are discovering trigger foods (foods you can no longer eat or cause discomfort).  Having Suzanne as a coach was necessary to the success of living with relief from IBS.  I have learned how much to eat when to eat, and what to eat and not eat.  I would not feel as well as I do today without Suzanne and her coaching program. I do not take any more medication; my moods have returned to normal, and so have my sleep patterns.
This program works and Suzanne was fantastic!" 

*Kirsten-Coralville - Iowa, USA

“For all you folks that are struggling with the symptoms of IBS, I have now completed the 6 week challenge with Suzanne and I am in a better place now with regards to food, sleep, me time and relaxation.  I signed up for the course having found my symptoms had taken over my life at the end of last year. My partner had cancer the year before and that just shook the earth beneath our feet.  I then had an attack of shingles and my bowel movements each morning were no more than liquid quite often...more often than anything else really.  I came across Suzanne’s web site searching for help, and was so glad I did.  Suzanne called me once a week throughout the 6 weeks and was always at the end of an email for anything I wasn't sure of.  I'm not a particularly confident person, but during our chats I discovered I actually did possess more strength and confidence than I gave myself credit for. So much so that as the weeks passed and I followed Suzanne's plan to the exact detail, which I would say is a must, Suzanne knows what she's talking about and you need to put that faith in her to guide you to better health through eliminating your pain,  so as I began to feel in more control of my food and my daily visits to the bathroom were no longer something I dreaded, I actually went out and found myself a job,  I hadn't worked for over a year following my partner’s cancer diagnosis,  who is by the way doing well and back at work.  I would fully endorse Suzanne's personal 1 to 1 coaching programme. It is the starting block I certainly needed and with my full participation has gotten me to a place I would never have contemplated had I sat at home doing nothing. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by getting your life back on track.....I now see a very big light at the end of my darkest tunnel.  Good luck to you all and Suzanne,  thank you so much for all your help and kind words of encouragement along my journey,  I would love to say I might travel to NZ someday and meet you in person, but flying isn't something I'm all that keen to conquer yet,  but who knows!!!!  Xx”

*Jane Ewing - Scotland

"I learned about the FODMAP diet about seven years ago from a doctor I went to see at the UNC Chapel Hill Medical Center. At that time no one had heard of the diet (not even my GI). I followed the diet strictly and felt better whenever I didn't cheat, but because it was so restrictive, it was very difficult to stick to all of the time. I later learned from Suzanne that I had done the elimination phase, but never the reintroduction phase, which I later learned recently is key to long-term success.

I had dealt with what I termed "stomach issues" my entire life. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis when I was 16 and always attributed my pain and discomfort to the disease when in fact my symptoms were really from IBS (my UC has been under control for over 10 years). Before finding Suzanne online and reaching out for our first call, I was like a roller coaster----extreme restriction followed by what I termed "cheating" which always led to days on end of extreme discomfort and pain. I would often have to lie down flat after a meal which inhibited me from doing the things I really wanted to do. I always had a stomach ache after I ate. Like most people who deal with these issues, my stomach ruled my life--dictating what I could and could not do on a daily basis. 

Working with Suzanne allowed me to properly test the FODMAP diet---elimination and reintroduction. I confirmed that some of the foods I knew were triggers for me were still triggers, but also learned that I was actually able to digest many of the foods on the FODMAP diet I had been restricting for years. One of the biggest changes in my life--and one of the things I fought tooth and nail with Suzanne was actually my daily routine. As someone who leads a generally healthy lifestyle already I didn't think my routine needed any adjustment. For example, my early morning workouts were followed by a small breakfast (all protein no carbs) as I rushed out the door to work. Today I come home from my workout, shower, cook a well-balanced meal and sit at my table to eat it while drinking my coffee. The result of this change? I have a bowel movement every morning. It's amazing that such a small change in my day can yield so much relief (both physically and mentally). 

I'm still not perfect and it takes planning and focus every day, but the reward is well worth it. A few other things I learned from my time with Suzanne:

- Food doesn't have to be boring and bland to make me feel good

- Feeling good takes prep and time, but the end result is well worth it

- I can eat out without having to run home and get into bed

- I control my own destiny

- Change is hard, but what I was doing before clearly wasn't working for me 

- Being "busy" is not an excuse

And most importantly, I don't have to live my life in a constant state of discomfort. I can choose to feel good and I'm choosing to do that every day."

*Stacey – New York, USA

"After many months of suffering with the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome I scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist at the Cleveland Clinic  Center for Human Nutrition Digestive Disease Institute  in Ohio, USA.  She told me that I would benefit from following a diet that restricts FODMAPS.  The nutritionist gave me a copy of the Low-FODMAP Diet and sent me on my way.

After reading the information from the nutritionist I knew I was going to need some help to follow a low-FODMAP diet.  I did some research online and found Suzanne Perazzini and her “Inspired Life Low Fodmap” coaching program and joined the 6 week Program.  She sent me a list of all the foods I could eat and made customized meal plans for me.  Suzanne guided me every step of the way. The goal was to identify which foods triggered my IBS symptoms and to determine the threshold at which I could tolerate FODMAP containing foods. The added blessing was changes in my sleep habits, daily exercise and understanding how to reduce stress with the use of deep breathing with daily meditations."

*Carol G, Ohio USA

"My life has dramatically changed since I started my personal coaching for IBS with Suzanne Perazzini (strands of my life).

My issues started in 2013. I went to the gastroenterologist and we started with a colonoscopy, endoscopy, blood work and breath test.  Of course, he couldn’t find anything. So, I was diagnosed with IBS.  Then they want to give you prescriptions for drugs to help you but I would rather cure it without medication. At this point I was obsessed with knowing where all the bathrooms were on my routes if I had to leave the house.  Extreme pain in my stomach, intestines.  I no longer have a gall bladder.  After 2 years and still not knowing what to do, I went back to the doctor,  I sat in his office and cried telling him I couldn’t live my life like that……He then referred me to an integrative doctor, a more natural approach.

At that point, I was searching the internet and came upon Strands of My Life!  My whole life has changed. She walked me through what to do - not only food but also behavioral changes, emotions, stress, learning how to navigate the foods, recipes, daily menus. Everyday we would communicate.  I started November of 2015 and completed December 2015.  My life has turned around!  I don’t worry about leaving the house and feel confident in making correct choices.  Suzanne is a kind wonderful person. Our talks were not only about diet but also about what was going on in my life.  I would highly recommend Suzanne’s program – DON’T wait another day….we have only one life and we need to LIVE IT!"

*Debbie DiVello Tupek – California, USA

"Life before the 6 week Strands of my Life IBS/Low Fodmap diet was all about knowing where all the bathrooms are around town, carrying gas relieving and gas avoiding medicine in my purse, embarrassing use of the bathroom when eating out or at relatives' or friends' homes, and guessing which foods were causing the problems. The Low Fodmap Diet is a challenge; everything I read about it suggested you need professional help to fully implement. Well, that is true, and I could not have done it without Suzanne! I now know what to eat and in what quantities, what not to eat, how to decipher labels and menus, and how to handle episodes that might still occur. Suzanne was with me every step of the way, and she helped me make lifestyle changes that are an integral part of this whole process. I promise that if you follow Suzanne's plan and advice, it will change your life...for the better!"

*Jana Gruber – Pennsylvania, USA

“Following a traumatic life event, I have had IBS for several years. I struggled on a daily basis to figure out which foods would cause my inconsistent symptoms. It got to the point of experiencing discomfort after each and every meal.  With Suzanne's guidance on her low fodmap program, she has  given me confidence to eat foods that will no longer cause me to have discomfort and allowed me to control my IBS instead of it controlling me.  The program has also made me more aware of how having a more balanced lifestyle and reducing stress and anxiety will greatly benefit my IBS symptoms.  Suzanne was always very quick to follow up and respond and her help has given me the knowledge and tools to use forever.  I feel better after the program and would definitely recommend it to anyone who has struggled with controlling their IBS symptoms on their own.  Thanks Suzanne!”

*Michael - Ohio, USA

“When I first heard the new word F.O.D.M.A.P. I was in my doctor’s surgery at a time when my life appeared to be falling apart around me.  The very worst thing about it was that my energy levels were so low that I could barely take care of myself.  In fact I wasn't. (taking care of myself)  I can recall many days when I simply didn’t have the energy or motivation to take the car out of the garage to go and buy myself food - which meant that my poor diet was simply exacerbating the whole problem.  I became aware that I must have been slipping into depression as my thought processes appeared to be different.

Fortunately, for me, I have never seen myself as a quitter and my doctor of at least twenty years knows this, so he told me of this way of eating which could well be very beneficial and  wrote the word (fodmap) on a piece of paper and told me that there are sites on the internet for me to explore this option.

I am one of those people who always thought that a pain in the gut was ‘normal’ and that you just have to live with it.  From a very early age I used laxatives on a very regular basis in an effort to lead a reasonably normal life.

When I first spoke to Suzanne she told me to stop taking the psyllium husks straight away.  I remember clearly that it was a Thursday and I had already taken them that morning.  On Friday, I woke thinking  “I feel different!”  So the change in well-being and energy was almost instantaneous.  The Saturday was a hard day as my system coped with the drastic change but after that I have never had any problem with my bowel movements.  I didn’t know that what I was doing was actually making my I.B.S. worse and irritating my bowel more rather than less.

The last six weeks have been a challenge - yet I knew that if I was to conquer this problem once and for all, I had to stick with it and give it my best shot.  The personal support  which Suzanne gave me helped tremendously get through each week.  I kept a notepad close by to write down anything I could ask her during our weekly phone calls.

I can now quite honestly say that my I.B.S. no longer dominates my life and I have more energy than I’ve had for years.  I can even manage to eat out or at the homes of friends and family with confidence as well as no nasty side effects.

I am 75 in May and have lived in a Retirement Village for 12 years.  The Swimming Pool Complex here also includes a Gymnasium which I had never used until about three weeks ago.  As well as the Aquacise classes I attend, I use the Gym daily using my IPad for music to entertain me.  So it’s now just another commitment to each day which I enjoy.

For anyone with this condition, I can heartily recommend that you take this step, as I had done.

*Anne Clarke - New Zealand

“My life with IBS was a daily struggle just to make it to the next day. Pain, medication, no answers and no hope that I would ever feel like a normal person again.... And then I met Suzanne online, purely by chance. It was one of the best things that could've happened. Here is someone who knows.... Someone like us that has been there and lived what we've lived. Someone who's done the research and has the plan to help get your life back.

I cannot stress enough how worth it this course has been and how much hope I now have that my future will be and can be kept pain free.”

*Dawn Carseldine – New Zealand

"I have been on a food journey for 8 years. Being asthmatic and struggling with gluten and dairy was very challenging. Over the years I went gluten, dairy and preservative free. I followed the RPA elimination diet, then fed up diet, GAPS and PALEO. I had great improvement, however once I went onto GAPS and PALEO I began to experience terrible cramping and more food sensitivities. After much testing I was diagnosed as Coeliac with IBS. I tried the Fodmap diet with a registered Dietician, but after 2 weeks I had no improvement and was more confused and frustrated than ever! I was told what foods to avoid, but I was not told what quantities of food I could eat and I was making so many mistakes and not getting any better. It was by chance that I found Suzanne on the Internet and Strands of my life. I thought, as a last resort I would give it one last go. Well it proved to be the best decision I made. Suzanne was fantastic. She walked every step of the way with me. I could email at any time and ask as many questions as I liked. The best part for me was the weekly menu. It took immense pressure off me feeding a family with 2 children with allergies and a husband with a healthy appetite. Suzanne designed a menu to accommodate each person’s needs in my family, but the best part was, I only cooked one meal for the family. I refer back to my menus regularly and feel better than I have in years. I was even able to go to another country on holiday and Susanne navigated me through the whole way! Suzanne is a treasure, one I'm very grateful for! I would highly recommend anyone giving her a go - it will be a very well made choice and investment in your health and that of your family! Thank you Suzanne."

*Tania W - Australia

“The "Inspired Life" Low FODMAP 6 week coaching program was just what I needed to turn my life around and get my IBS under control, instead of the IBS controlling me.  Suzanne's program was very easy to follow and the recipes were delicious.  The cadence of the training was great to learn the various methods other than eating that were involved in controlling the IBS.  I realized during the program that my highly stressful lifestyle was causing me to trigger my IBS.  I've learned through the relaxation and meditation to take more deep breaths throughout the day and listen to the relaxation session.  Suzanne was very responsive to my questions throughout the program.  I wish I had known what FODMAPs were many years ago to save myself years of pain and frustration! Thanks Suzanne!!”

*Margaret Kneeland - Missouri City, USA

“My I.B.S. problem has bothered me for over 30 years and deteriorated to the extreme over the last year. I think I had become so addicted to all the foods that didn't like me.  I found it very hard to adopt the low fodmap food. The Low Fodmap diet founded by Dr Sue Shepherd was introduced to me by a local dietician.  I found this to be very difficult. I didn't have enough support at the introduction stage, no one to communicate with when I was faced with bad reactions.   This is when I found Suzanne online who was willing to help me.  By following her menus, taking note of the advice and lots of communication, I slowly gained some control over my gut problem. Stress was a major problem which I hadn't realized. The introduction of exercise, relaxation, changing my sleep pattern, eating smaller meals and enjoying slightly bigger morning and afternoon snacks, along with a focus on myself for the specific 6 week program has helped me immensely to regain everything that I.B.S. had taken away from me.  I can't thank Suzanne enough for her time, patience and support.”

*Judy Kemp - Western Australia

"I’d experienced stomach problems my entire life, but I’d always attributed them to poor diet: too many carbs, constant grazing, sugary drinks, and lots of coffee to “keep me going.”  When I started eating Paleo years ago when doing CrossFit, I felt better and lost weight but I still wasn’t 100%.  I had a lot of trouble sleeping.  Then recently, my stomach went completely awry.  Bloating I was used to, but this was 4-months-pregnant-bloating and daily acute stomach pain.  After visits to two different gastroenterologists and a multitude of tests and procedures with negative results, no one had any answers.  However, one of the GI doctors who diagnosed me with IBS suggested a low-FODMAP diet but he had no additional information on it -- he’d printed off the Internet!  I tried to follow it myself and research online but all I could manage by myself was hard boiled eggs and low-carb popcorn because these were the only things that seemed to keep my stomach calm.  This could not continue.  I dropped weight quickly and tons of energy and lived in fear of going out to eat.  During my online research, I found Suzanne’s blog, “Strands of My Life,” and noticed that she had a food coaching program.  It was fantastic that she called me from New Zealand and that I was able to talk to her about my ongoing issues.  I quickly realized that I wasn’t alone!  After some convincing of my husband who realized how much I’d been struggling to find things to eat, I joined the program, and just the other day, he said that it was life-changing for me.  Calm belly, calm mind!   The program was amazing: the one-on-one calls, the group Q&As, and the daily meal plans all helped me to heal my gut and my stress over what to eat.  Not being used to cooking since my husband is the chef in the family, I was daunted at first by the recipes, but they were all so delicious, I resolved not to eat out of a package or bag anymore, even if that package is a gluten-free package!  Gluten-free foods can be highly processed too!  Fresh food made such a difference for my mind and body and I finally understood what my trigger foods are!  I’m no longer eating “blind” when I go out to restaurant and I’m making informed choices.  Everyone in my family is on notice as well so when my husband cooks, he goes the low-FODMAP route as well and my picky kids enjoy the food (once they’ve been convinced to try new things!  Suzanne is a fantastic resource and source of support for me during the process, cheering me on!  I recommend the program highly, so if you’re thinking about it, just do it!"

*Rachel D - Texas, USA

"I have suffered from the symptoms of IBS for a number of years. The funny thing is you don’t realise the extent of your ‘suffering’ until you are feeling good and then you wonder why you didn’t do something much sooner! I have tried various diets in the past but my stomach seemed to react differently to food each time I ate, so I quickly became frustrated and gave up. Resigning myself to the fact that this would be something I’d just have to live with. Then I discovered the low FODMAP diet! I definitely recommend completing the six week program with Suzanne because you set yourself up to succeed with one-on-one guidance and advice on hand whenever you need it. At first, it was quite overwhelming starting a restrictive diet but I found the recipes I was given were really yummy and easy to prepare. This new lifestyle has been a huge learning curve for me and it still comes with its ups and downs as I discover what I can and can’t eat. But one thing I know for sure, is I’m feeling much happier and healthier than I used to and I think completing this program has been a great investment in my future."

*Natalie - New Zealand

"Before finding Suzanne and her program I had suffered with chronic IBS and it's symptoms for over 4 years.  It was a daily struggle of going to the restroom/toilet 6 to 10 times each day within the AM hours.  Even when the "going" had stopped, I still had pain and cramping that would continue throughout the rest of the day and evening. I was reluctant to jump into the coaching program, but doctors had not been able to help me with the many medical tests and medications.  So, why not give it a try. It took me about 3 weeks into the program to see a real change in my bowels and symptoms.  Trips to the toilet were less than half, and the pain/cramps were little to nothing and almost eliminated.  I was able to find out what foods were my triggers and what I needed to avoid.  Suzanne's program has changed me for the better.  As we were nearing the end of the program my wife said, "You are a totally different person"!!  I guess that statement sums it up."

*Tom M - Indiana, USA

"Before I heard about the low FODMAP diet, I was battling with physical and emotional pain every day due to IBS. Meeting Suzanne and starting her program was the best decision I have ever made about my health. No doctor has ever been able to help me as much as she has. She is a diet coach, psychologist, friend, and life coach all in one. Suzanne gives you that tough love that you need to get through the diet regime, and it works wonders. I have my life back and it's all thanks to Suzanne!"

*Cristina C - Montreal, Canada

"I am totally happy with how I have felt. I have been walking the dog without fear! Being fearless about going out is such a great feeling, I have been walking with confidence. Over the years I have noticed my freedom slipping away and losing the ability to be out doors has been a great loss to me. The freedom to be mobile again without fear is a prayer answered and so is this diet. I'm putting my health first which is a rarity. I want to make the most of my time with you and learn this diet the best I can. I haven't felt this good in years!"

*Sue E - St Paul, USA

"I would eat and feel uncomfortable. The IBS symptoms increased in regularity and I would get bad stomach cramps once a month. They were bad enough for me to lie in bed all day or be awake most of the night. I was desperate to do anything that would help. Suzanne’s meal plans were great because they told me exactly what I should eat for every meal. After day one of being on the program, I felt much better. I was amazed how quickly it worked. I have not had any major IBS symptoms in the four months since starting the Low Fodmaps Diet to the time of writing this Testimonial. I am a new man!"

*Ed - Dorchester, England

"With the weekly menu plans, the many delicious recipes, the follow up with a daily dairy page, the encouragement, tips and advice in mails and weekly phone calls made it so much easier to follow the elimination diet. During these 6 weeks, I also fully realized that not only what you eat, but also stress management, relaxation and daily exercises are very important when one has to cope with IBS. And this approach makes the program quite unique. And last but not least, it was great to be symptom free at the end, so thank you Suzanne!"

*Jean - Belgium

"Suzanne has helped me change my life! I have had IBS all my life. I remember when I was younger, people told me I just had a "nervous stomach". As I got older and my symptoms became worse, I was diagnosed with IBS. I have tried everything from fiber supplements to prescription medication. Nothing worked. It only masked the symptoms. Now that I have gone through Suzanne's program, I am managing my symptoms, and I feel better than I have in years!! Thank you Suzanne! I praise God for sending her into my life!"

*Susanne - Indiana, USA

"I have my health back and the tools to go on from here. IBS was controlling my activities and leaving me unsure of having a normal life. At first, I was skeptical about getting positive results from a diet and very hesitant of my abilities to make these meals as I am not a cook. My husband does all the cooking. I didn't have to wait long as my symptoms lessoned after the first week. I have completed the six weeks sticking to the diet and learning to cook in the process. I also have other tools as part of the program including relaxation techniques, exercises and eating healthy snacks twice a day in addition to my regular 3 meals a day. This is an accomplished program. Well thought out, including many tasty recipes and beautifully illustrated. The end result is feeling incredible. Suzanne is just an email away to divert any questions and offer support. I highly recommend this program to anyone suffering from IBS."

*Betty - Minnesota, USA

"When I started the low Fodmap diet I was at my wits end. I was sick and tired of being bloated, feeling full and constipated all of the time and very demoralised about the poor professional help - in short I had had enough. After having an enema I was determined not to have that feeling again, thankfully the low Fodmap diet was suggested. After some research dieticians in the UK seemed misinformed - thankfully Suzanne fit the bill. It's been a very enlightening experience, within a couple of weeks I became more regular than I can ever remember -life changing! I can now see my feet, no longer looking 5 months pregnant, no more belly full of wind and to top it all lost a few pounds around my new found flatter stomach. When I saw the initial menu I thought I'd never find the time to implement it, but that thought was short lived. The results of the combination of weekly menus, 1-on-1 guidance, weekly on-line tips and exercises changed my life. I have always been a health conscious person who believed I was quite aware of what fuel my body required - I was so wrong. Now I have a different tool kit that better suits the job, I've been able to repair and rebuild a very sick body, improve my mind set and family life. Saying I'm grateful is an understatement. A big THANK YOU, Suzanne for sorting me out – great."

*Sylvia Vincent - Bristol, England

"The six week course was worth every penny!  When I started I had to keep a mental list of toilet locations in my head while driving. Now I have very few problems. The course is worth every penny! I am definitely miles ahead of where I was at the start. I would recommend this course to anyone!"

*Harvey - Massachusetts, USA

"Before beginning Suzanne Perazzini's Low-FODMAP coaching program, I was terribly frustrated and felt lousy on a daily basis.  I had lost 12 pounds in the space of one month, was unable to eat much of anything without a serious disruption to my day.  My body was depleted of vital nutrients and I was struggling to get through a typical day due to lack of energy and confusion. Doctors had performed many tests, and, upon finding nothing out of the ordinary, told me that I had IBS and needed to learn to cope with it.  I was offered drugs and they helped to a point, but I knew that I didn't want to rely on them.  It was not until I did my own research and met Suzanne that I began to see any improvement in my health and happiness. Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable, available, and friendly.  Her program is easy to follow in that it is highly organized.  Meal plans are delivered well in advance to allow for planning and shopping, and they are flexible when it’s needed.  Aside from this, Suzanne's program is focused on helping the client as a whole person and it addresses one's daily habits and lifestyle.  This is essential to dealing with IBS effectively and Suzanne provides helpful exercises and tips to integrate healthy habits into her clients' lives. Most of all, I was impressed with Suzanne's availability throughout the program.  The 18 hour time difference did not affect her response time, nor did the cultural differences (there are bound to be a few of these between the continents).  Suzanne is a true coach.  She tells you what you need to hear when you need to hear it, but she also feels like a friend by the end of the journey. Suzanne upholds her end of the deal as a wonderful Low-FODMAP coach, but be aware that as the client, you need to also be committed to the process.  I got frustrated along the way and my symptoms did not completely resolve, but I saw major improvement and I would not have traded this experience for anything.  Suzanne and her Low-FODMAP coaching program helped me with my IBS far more than any doctor.  I will forever be grateful for this journey."

*Sarah - Texas, USA

“Thank you again so much for all your care, help and support.  I have found the course wonderful, educational and enlightening, and a definite inspiration to continue on with the Low FODMAP way of eating, to manage my IBS.  You have given me so many recipes and ideas to keep it interesting and well balanced.  And my tummy is very appreciative!

You’ve also given me the strength to be assertive about what I can eat and drink that agrees with my stomach, so your method of coaching and support is brilliant!

Doing the program was so worthwhile, and your ongoing emails and encouragement make the investment invaluable, I feel like I haven’t just paid for the course and then it’s over and I’m left to my own devices. Having your follow-up emails popping up with encouragement and tips and new ideas keeps the coaching going.

You’ve also given me the strength to be assertive about what I can eat and drink that agrees with my stomach, so your method of coaching and support is brilliant!”

*Yvette - Australia

“The Inspired Life Low Fodmap Coaching program was the solution I have been looking for ever since I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. After trying many fad diets that claim they cure digestive inflammation, starting another one was very daunting for me. Suzanne helped me through every step of the diet with endless support.  For the first time in my life I am not in pain after every meal and I feel more energized and healthy than ever before!  She taught me how to create balanced meal plans that fit my very busy lifestyle, provided me with some amazing recipes, and gave me tips for managing the stress that makes my digestive issues worse.

I used to be afraid to eat so many foods and she showed me that I can have a lot more foods than I ever imagined. After 6 weeks I feel like I have all the weapons I need to tackle my digestive problems for the rest of my life! Suzanne's knowledge on how to incorporate this diet into your life is invaluable and I couldn't have done it without her.” 

*Kellie Reidinger - New Jersey, Usa


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