Low Fodmap Coaching Programs

IBS - the Bane of Your Life

The enemy at the gates that never lets you be. The siege that saps your energy and drains your power. For it feels like a war. A war with yourself, with your body. You advance an inch and it batters you backward, keeping you in check, keeping your focus narrow, your life on hold.

It is time to say STOP! To fight with determination to get your life back, to be healthy, to live a joyful, fulfilled life!

Imagine if ...

  • You were pain-free – no bloating, diarrhea or constipation.

  • You had the knowledge to help you make good low Fodmap food choices.

  • You had a nutritionally-balanced diet that was perfect for you.

  • You had the strength to stay the course into the future, having overcome any mental blocks which stopped you before.

  • You had a new plan and habits which incorporated all the necessary elements for a balanced lifestyle to support the diet.

This can be your REALITY

It is a matter of deciding to take your life and your health into your own hands and to be proactive about getting well. The low Fodmap diet has been scientifically proven at two separate research centers to significantly help eliminate the symptoms of the majority of IBS sufferers, so coaching could be your savior.

What clients are saying ...

"Before I heard about the low FODMAP diet, I was battling with physical and emotional pain every day due to IBS. Meeting Suzanne and starting her program was the best decision I have ever made about my health. No doctor has ever been able to help me as much as she has. She is a diet coach, psychologist, friend, and life coach all in one. Suzanne gives you that tough love that you need to get through the diet regime, and it works wonders. I have my life back and it's all thanks to Suzanne!"

Cristina C - Montreal, Canada

"Suzanne has helped me change my life! I have had IBS all my life. I remember when I was younger, people told me I just had a "nervous stomach". As I got older and my symptoms became worse, I was diagnosed with IBS. I have tried everything from fiber supplements to prescription medication. Nothing worked. It only masked the symptoms. Now that I have gone through Suzanne's program, I am managing my symptoms, and I feel better than I have in years!! Thank you Suzanne! I praise God for sending her into my life!"

Susanne - Indiana, USA

The Low Fodmap Diet is Complex

It is not simply a list of good and bad foods. It is a diet of combinations and amounts, when you eat and how you eat. Also, food is just one of the puzzle pieces of solving your IBS problems but it is the foundation block upon which all else is built. However, the other puzzle pieces are important too and must be addressed. Doing all this alone is almost impossible.

Reach out to me for help. I will teach you not only how to implement an accurate low Fodmap diet but also how to insert all the other puzzle pieces to control your IBS forever.

IBS Coaching Programs

Inspired Life Coaching Program

One-to-one coaching

  • 6 weeks
  • Diet stages: Elimination & reintroduction
  • Lifestyle coaching
  • Meal plans for 6 weeks - customized
  • Food chart
  • Videos on integrating the diet into your life
  • Videos on IBS and the diet
  • Individual support daily by email and weekly by phone
  • On any Monday
IBS Recipe for Success Course

Self-study program

  • 25-days - or at own pace
  • Diet stages: Elimination & reintroduction
  • Lifestyle training
  • Meal plans for 2 weeks - not customized
  • Food chart
  • Videos on integrating the diet into your life
  • Videos on IBS and the diet
  • Facebook group for questions and support
  • Any time
Low Fodmap Diet Formula Workshop

Small group coaching

  • Two-weeks
  • Diet stages: Elimination stage only
  • Lifestyle challenge videos
  • Meal plans for 2 weeks - not customized
  • Food chart
  • Videos on integrating the diet into your life
  • Videos on IBS and the diet
  • Facebook group and 4 live group sessions
  • Held 3 times a year