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6-Week Plan

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IBS - the Bane of Your Life

It’s the enemy at the gates that never leaves you alone. It’s the siege that saps your energy and drains your personal power. When you’re battling IBS, you’re at war—with yourself and your own body. You advance an inch, and then the enemy knocks you backward, keeping you in check – and keeping your life on hold.

It is time to say STOP! To fight with determination to get your life back, to be healthy, to live a joyful, fulfilled life!

Imagine if ...

  • You were pain-free – no bloating, diarrhea or constipation.

  • You had the knowledge to help you make good low Fodmap food choices.

  • You had a nutritionally-balanced diet that was perfect for you.

  • You had the strength to stay the course into the future, having overcome any mental blocks which stopped you before.

  • You had a new plan and habits which incorporated all the necessary elements for a balanced lifestyle to support the diet.

This can be your REALITY

It is a matter of deciding to take your life and your health into your own hands and to be proactive about getting well. The low Fodmap diet has been scientifically proven at two separate research centers to significantly help eliminate the symptoms of the majority of IBS sufferers, so my new book, "The Low FODMAP 6-Week Plan and Cookbook" could be your salvation. It will take you step-by-step through the elimination and reintroduction stages of the diet over a six-week period so that you can create a final expanded diet, which will keep you safe from IBS symptoms forever.

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I sincerely and firmly believe this book will change your life!


The Low Fodmap Diet is Complex

It is not simply a list of good and bad foods. It is a diet of combinations and amounts, when you eat and how you eat. Also, food is just one of the puzzle pieces of solving your IBS problems but it is the foundation block upon which all else is built. However, the other puzzle pieces are important too and must be addressed. Doing all this alone is almost impossible.

This book will teach you not only how to implement an accurate low Fodmap diet but also how to insert all the other puzzle pieces to control your IBS forever.

Inside this book you will find ...

  • 100 recipes with multiple colour photographs
  • 6 detailed weekly meal plans
  • 6 weekly double-page diary pages
  • 6 case studies of people who have conquered their IBS symptoms through the low Fodmap diet program
  • Comprehensive information on IBS so you can fully understand its intricacies
  • A breakdown of the low Fodmap diet and how it works
  • Detailed notes on how to be successful on the diet from label reading to how to add flavour to meals
  • 6 different lifestyle exercises to create a life you love which will support the diet
  • The strategies you need to live life to the fullest on the diet, from eating out to travelling to dealing with family and friends.

Who am I?

My name is Suzanne Perazzini. I am a certified nutritional therapist specializing in IBS and the low Fodmap diet, qualified teacher, award-winning author and fulltime low Fodmap diet coach. My website, Strands of My Life features low Fodmap recipes, videos and articles on IBS and the diet. I have been featured on numerous podcasts, I have articles on several large health websites and have had many of my recipes published in hard copy magazines. I have suffered from IBS all my life and after having my life transformed by the low Fodmap diet I now dedicate my days to coaching others on how to eliminate their IBS symptoms once and for all. I am fortunate enough to see people’s lives revolutionized every day through my coaching work and I want to get this message and solution out to the whole world. It drives me crazy that there are so many who don’t know there is an answer to all this suffering. My greatest moments have been turning a 3-year-old Indian girl from a child curled up in the corner in pain to a happy child playing out in the yard with her friends, and helping an 83-year-old woman, who had suffered horribly all her life, discover that there is peace on earth after all. I would love you to become another of my success stories.

This book contains all the knowledge I’ve accumulated over several years of living on the diet. It also includes everything I’ve learned from the hundreds of coaching clients I’ve  helped, as well as the substantial research I’ve conducted and the many in-depth courses I’ve taken on the low Fodmap diet (Monash University), the digestive system and the gut microbiome (University of Colorado, Boulder).

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