Create a strategy for implementing the low Fodmap diet and creating a life you love

  • Do you need to ask questions of a nutritional therapist who specializes in the low Fodmap diet?

  • Do you need help with creating your individual low Fodmap diet strategy?

  • Do you need assistance to create a clear reintroduction plan?

  • Do you need help working out why the low Fodmap diet doesn't seem to be working for you?

  • Do you simply need support and to check that you are on track with the diet?

  • Do you want assistance with getting your lifestyle sorted out to support your IBS?

  • Do you want to discuss ideas about what your own personal triggers could be?

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Your consultation will include an accurate up-to-date low Fodmap food chart, a diary page template and an 8-page "Plan to Succeed" document to help you implement the diet.