Live a Life You Love with IBS

*What Susanne Meredith says about the club:

I love the IBS Insider Club! The Facebook group has interesting discussions that I can relate to. I never have to worry about what I'm going to eat. I can check the recipes and meal plans. I learn so much from the news and articles. There is so much conflicting information on the Internet on the fodmap diet, but I can trust the information in this club. Thank you so much for your wonderful brainstorm, Suzanne! My life is 100% improved! Thank you!

This is where you will learn to create a life you love with IBS

so that you can work, eat out, travel and socialize with ease. So that you have the freedom to live life exactly the way you want.

1st week costs 1 cent

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*What Jan says about the club:

I have been a member of the IBS Insider Club since February 2015.  Your knowledge has been amazing and I have learnt so much more than I thought I ever could.  I do feel fantastic, the best I have felt in my whole life!  Thank you for opening up your life to us all and sharing your wisdom and knowledge of IBS.  It can't be beaten!

What you will find in the IBS Insider Club...

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Private Chat Group

... where you can chat, ask questions, share news, voice opinions and help each other. This takes the form of a private Facebook group where I will hang out on a daily basis to check for questions.

The Resource Centre

... where you can find the latest research, articles, videos and links on IBS and the low Fodmap diet.

Meal plans

... which are detailed to balance all food groups and to keep the Fodmaps in the right proportions. These will include vegetarian plans, a plan that incorporates a reflux diet as well as a simple meal plan guide.

The News Room

... which will be kept up-to-date with all the latest news on the Low Fodmap diet and IBS.

Weekly challenges

... to help you develop a balanced lifestyle that supports your IBS. This will include a wide variety of challenges to create an interesting life that suits you perfectly.

Low Fodmap Recipes

... so you can cook food knowing it is safe for your digestive system. The dishes have been divided into logical categories and link directly to the relevant recipes on my public blog. This will make it easy to find the perfect recipe for every occasion.


... so you can find all the relevant information about IBS and how to implement the low Fodmap diet and integrate it into your life. My most informative videos will be in here and will not be found on my public blog.

*What Donna Martin says about the club:

The recipe section is a handy go-to for me. It's very well organised and saves time searching for inspiration on other sites. Having the meal plans, with the updates and additions, reduces the boredom of a low-fodmap diet (especially during elimination times). The chat room, it's nice to know we can ask a question, and it's very promptly replied to.

The benefits of belonging to this club are enormous. You have someone to ask questions, a variety of meal plans to follow or fine tune for yourself. Recipes available that work. Friendly people with similar symptoms.


The IBS Insider Club is a great source of reputable and useful information for those dealing with IBS.  Membership provides comfort and encouragement and I'm very glad to be a member of the community!

*Sarah Oliver

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