Low Fodmap Snacks Cookbook

Are you on the low Fodmap because you have irritable bowel syndrome and struggle to come up with ideas for snacks?

Then I have the cookbook for you!

  • 33 Recipes
  • Over 50 colour photos
  • An explanation of Fodmap
  • An accurate list of allowable foods
  • 92 pages of full colour
  • Sweet and savoury recipes
  • Advice on how to follow the diet
  • Metric and imperial measurements
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The low Fodmap diet helps 75% of those with irritable bowel syndrome

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Book Reviews

A treasure trove of delicious recipes that are gut and palate friendly. Beautifully photographed and full of valuable advice, this book is a must have for anybody considering the low fodmap diet....or not. This book is truly for every food-lover out there! Thank you Suzanne for creating these wonderful recipes, I love them all!

Vivica Menegaz

Suzanne has compiled a diverse array of delicious recipes that anyone with IBS can enjoy without fear. The individual food lists, plus advice and tips she includes around diet are enough to set anyone's mind at ease as to whether they can relax and enjoy eating again comfortably. She didn't have to include this material but she did. As a bonus the photography is stunning but as a necessity the recipes are easy to follow. Personally the cheese biscuits can't be made fast enough. They look and sound amazing!

Tony Teegarden

Not only does Suzanne Perazzini have a talent for creating delicious low-FODMAP recipes, but she also has a knack for taking beautiful food photographs. 'Low-FODMAP snacks for IBS' has so many amazing recipes accompanied by lovely pictures that will make eating a special diet easy...you wont have to feel deprived with these creative and tasty recipes. This book also includes lists of low-FODMAP foods, tips for doing a low-FODMAP diet and more, which is so helpful if you're new to low-FODMAP. I can't wait to try the banana pancakes, carrot cake muffins and lemon bars. Yum!


This book came just in time! I am considering going low FODMAP for some time, because 18 months on GAPS didn't solve my digestive issues, but for some reason low FODMAP seems way more daunting to me, so I am postponing. I hope this book will help me to start! It looks great, beautiful pics and lots of interesting recipes I'd like to try!

Iris Maier