IBS and Other Health Issues No. 2 & Thai Chicken

Thai Chicken -low Fodmap & gluten-free

The Video Here is part 2 of the connection between irritable bowel syndrome and other health issues. Today, I address diverticulosis, headaches/migraines and gallbladder surgery. Watch the video, listen to the podcast or read the transcript to find out what the connection is. And the last one is scary. The Podcast The Recipe If you […]

IBS and Other Health Issues plus Low Fodmap Trifle

Trifle – low Fodmap and gluten-free

The Video Through my low Fodmap coaching practice, I see many of the same health issues in people who have been diagnosed with IBS – like reflux, fibromyalgia, hypothyroidism, depression. Watch my video for more information on these connections. The Podcast Low Fodmap Trifle I had an urge to make something sweet. The urge came […]