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Jam Cookies – Gluten-ree recipe and low FODMAP

Jam Cookies -gluten-free recipe and low FODMAP

I have another simple cookie recipe for you, using a clever method of activating the properties of the tapioca flour before adding it to other ingredients. This is also a recipe best eaten fresh and not stored. Coconut flour is not great for storage … [Read more]

Banana Mousse Tarts – gluten-free recipe and low FODMAP

Banana Mousse tarts -gluten-ree recipe and low FODMAP

I have been a absent for a wee while but I really wanted to give the $550 giveaway a good chance by leaving it at the top of the blog for a while. I also have another reason for my absence. As you all know by now, I am freelancing, having left a … [Read more]

$550 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway – Enter Now

Amazon Gift Card Giveaway 1024

Great things happen when bloggers unite... like this giveaway, for instance. :) Are you ready to win a $550 Amazon Gift Card? Step 1: Click on the link below Amazon.com (affiliate link) If you were to win the gift card, what would you … [Read more]

Lemon Curd Cookies – gluten-free recipe and low FODMAP

Lemon Curd Cookies - gluten-free recipe and low FODMAP

These biscuits can be eaten as a plain shortbread or jazzed up the way I have made them by cutting out a star in the middle and sandwiching together a plain one and a starred one. It makes them a little special. They do have to be eaten fresh because … [Read more]

Neenish Tarts -gluten-free recipe and low FODMAP

Neenish Tarts -gluten-free recipe and low FODMAP

Thank you for the support for my new cookbook, Low FODMAP Menus for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I am glad it is finally out there for you all to buy and use. Today, I am going to continue on the vein of the oldies, but goodies classics. Neenish … [Read more]

My New Cookbook!! Low FODMAP Menus for Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Low FODMAP menus Cookbook for Irritable Bowel Syndrome by Suzanne Perazzini

The day has finally arrived!! My cookbook is ready for you all to purchase. Initially as a PDF and then soon as a print copy on Amazon. This cookbook is for: Those of you who follow a low FODMAP diet Those of you who suffer from irritable … [Read more]

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