Lemon Chicken & Spinach Risotto

Lemon Chicken and Spinach Risotto

Risotto is a classic Italian meal but you are required to pay quite a lot of attention to it while it cooks. You can’t just throw in all the liquid and stick on the lid. That will create a sloppy mess with half left stuck to the bottom of the pot – the dish washer will not thank you. You have to fry the onions and garlic, toast the rice and then add the liquid a ladleful at a time, waiting until it has all been absorbed before adding the next. I’m not at all sure about the science behind this but I do know it works so don’t cut corners.


Lemon Chicken & Spinach Risotto

Lemon Chicken and Spinach Risotto







Chicken breasts – cut up into small pieces
A bag of frozen freeflow spinach – about 350g
1 onion – chopped up
2 cloves of garlic – minced
420g can of condensed creamy chicken soup
2 lemons – grated rind and juice
2 cups arborio rice
4 cups of water or chicken stock

Heat a little oil in a large pot and fry onion and garlic.
Add the chicken and brown.
Add rice and toss for a few minutes.
Mix water, lemon juice, rind and soup together.
Add slowly to the rice mixture and keep stirring to make sure it doesn’t stick on the bottom of the pot.
When it is all almost absorbed, add the spinach and stir until it is heated through.
Adjust the seasoning.


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