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    Hi Suzanne, I was just wondering if you knew is cassava flour gluten free and low fodmap??? Also have you ever tried using psyllium husk in bread baking? And also what would suggest in replace for almond flour and coconut flour? I am allergic to tree nuts and coconut flour tends to upset my stomach, which is strange as I’m fine with coconut milk…… Oh and one more thing, top work on your website, the gluten free, fodmap free, dairy free recipes and the photography and the dietary information!!!!!!!

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      Hey Shawn,Just wanted to say that I think it is fniatstac that you are spreading the news about the impact of food on our bodies. The more information we give to the general public, the greater the awareness. Awareness gives us choices which means that we stop buying products that impact us and therefore leaving manufacturers with no alternative but to change how they do things if they want their products to sell. Food intolerance symptoms can be reduced by looking at our food choices and then healing the body using food.I am an advocate of raw food and food for healing once you know what it is you are dealing with.Regards, Eileen.

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    Cassava flour is called tapioca flour, which I use a lot. Yes, it is gluten-free and low FODMAP. Not, I haven’t used psyllium husk though I have seen it in recipes. I don’t know much about it but I am worried that it sounds like fibre and those with IBS have to be careful of too much fibre. I replace almond flour with my own gluten-free flour blend which is 1.3cups white rice flour, 1/3 cups of both potato starch and tapioca flour. Coconut flour is a beast all on its own because of its super absorbing properties and is not the easiest to substitute. Coconuts are not strictly a nut but I do have to be a bit careful with coconut products. They are quite rich and IBS sufferers are not good with rich foods. Thanks so much for the compliment. I am glad you find my site useful.

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