Three dinners in small servings – Shepherd’s pie, Chicken Sliders and Thai Crab & Shrimp Pies

Thai Shepherd's Pie Here are three dinners we have had over the last week. As you can see, I am still doing the small servings thing so I stop eating once my portion is finished. I made four of the shepherds pies so Adriano could eat two. I made three seafood pies because I decided not to eat any carbs and ate only the filling you can see in the small pot in the photo. But as far as the sliders are concerned, I made six and I ate one while Adriano ate the other five (Dario was at his girlfriend’s). I still find this grossly unfair. I have to eat so little and he can eat so much, just to stay the same size.

[print_this]Thai-Style shepherds Pie[/print_this]

Thai crab & shrimp pies [print_this]Thai Crab & shrimp pies

Falafel Chicken Sliders [print_this]Falafel Chicken Sliders[/print_this]

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  1. Adriano ate 5? And I bet he didn’t put on an ounce! These are gorgeous looking pies. I would have the shepherd’s pie – it looks so yummy. xx

  2. I’m desperately trying to watch my portion sizes! So it’s great to make individual meal portions! The sliders look fanastic!

    • It certainly is much easier to control the portions this way. The other trick is to use a smaller dinner plate – but I always forgot to do that when setting the table.

  3. The controlled portion thing really seems to be working. And you’re doing a great job coming up with some interesting ideas and presentations. The Thai Crab and Shrimp Pies particularly sound amazing. But I doubt if I could eat 5 of those sliders! When I was young, yes. Now? No way!

    • Thanks, John. I know what you mean about the amount you can eat but as Adriano says, it’s the equation between what energy goes in and what is expended. He expends a lot and I don’t!

  4. Ha! Ha! Love all the ‘things’ in your sliders, except the bun – so, methinks I can have two lots :D ! And I love the crab and shrimp recipe absolutely : huh! Oh, must have forgotten the puff pastry but I did have a heap of the rest :) ! Yes, I know this sounds wicked, but, Suzanne, ’tis Christmas and you won’t get crabby with me, will you!!

  5. I love little bites, these all sound wonderful!

  6. Nioce photos Suzanne and perfect bite sized dishes

  7. hahaha, it is unfair indeed! My husband can eat like everything without looking on his belly :) And your pies are asking me to make them :)

  8. All three dinners looked delicious and I wouldn’t blame Adriano for eating 5 of the sliders and most of the pies. They look absolutely delicious! It should be hard for you to stay focused on this new diet. Good luck Suzanne!

    • The only way for me to know if grains are a problem is to stick to it but I’m not expecting it to be easy. I just have to make appropriate dinners with separate grains. Christmas? Well, let’s see…

  9. I love the Thai crab and shrimp pies!! I also think it very unfair that both my husband and son can eat so much and the girls and I must forever watch what we are eating! :(

  10. Hi. Hope you don’t mind me asking for advice. What side dishes would you recommend serving with the crab pot pies? Thanks!

    • I can’t remember now what we had as side dishes but I think mashed potato would be good to mop up the sauce from the pie. And then a green salad or perhaps green peas.

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