Brazilian Cheese Puffs – gluten and grain-free

Brazilian Cheese Puffs - grain and gluten freeMother Teresa Quote
I have found yet another recipe for grain-free cheese bread and decided to cook it tonight with a simple meal of baby spinach, smoked salmon, a poached egg and homemade aioli sauce. How healthy is that with heaps of omega-3 and teeming with minerals and vitamins! I found the recipe at the Perfect Health Diet. Actually, even though the recipe was a bit different, they tasted pretty much the same as the last lot. I think I have this grain-free bread thing down pat and need to move on.
Brazilian Cheese Puffs - grain and gluten free
Brazilian Cheese Puffs - grain and gluten free

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  1. Looks love;y and very tempting wanna have a bite right now nice post Suzanne :)

  2. This looks absolutely delicious! I love your well balanced salad and those cheese puffs look incredible! Tempting pictures!

    • Thanks, Sandra. I love clean, fresh flavours with nothing too murky going on. I often feel that the more complex the dish, the more issues I have with it.

  3. Suzanne, this looks delicious. I would serve these at brunch any time!

  4. The cheese puffs look great as does your dinner with the poached egg. How did you go with all the tests? xx

    • It’s a long process, Charlie. I have the second part this Friday. And then there is a third part and finally all the tests get sent away to be examined. I’ll keep you informed.

  5. These look delicious! What a perfect addition to that delicious looking salad.

  6. Such a gorgeous plate, Suzanne! Your puffs are the perfect complement to the lovely salmon salad.

  7. What delicious little cheese puffs!

  8. Oh, your grain-free bread recipes are so encouraging to give it another go. I gave up on them a while ago. But these puffs look so good. We have a BBQ coming up with friends. Those would puffs would be a perfect addition.

    • Anja, don’t give up. Just make sure you eat these freshly out of the oven while the cheese is all melty. If there are some left over, pop them in the microwave later and they will be like fresh again.

  9. These look great! And it does seem as if you’ve mastered grain-free bread – congrats on that! Love the highlights on the top picture.

    • That first photo was taken in the evening in very low light. I turned off the lights everywhere and used a very slow shutter speed on a tripod. That was the result. It’s quite amazing when the naked eye could only just see the bread rolls.

  10. Please keep sharing your finds. I am trying to eat as little breas as possible, so this are just perfect.

  11. where can i find the recipe for these cheese puffs

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