Genius Chocolate Chip Blondies – surprising ingredient and gluten-free

Genius Chocolate Chip Blondies
I’ve gone off the granola bar track but only temporarily as I try this fascinating recipe for chocolate chip bars. I am always interested in unusual recipes which have strange ingredients like the chocolate cupcakes I made with cooked rice as the starch. These chocolate chip bars include an ingredient that I would never have thought of for a sweet product – white beans. The bars turned out well and they are moist but they do have a distinctive flavour and you have to be okay with that. What I loved was that it was the simplest recipe to make. Every ingredient except the chocolate chips went into the food processor and got blended to a smooth paste. I love the simplicity of that. I found this recipe at Chocolate-Covered Katie. She is in the process of writing a cookbook on low-calorie baking and will probably be including this great recipe. For the full recipe, please visit her website.

Chocolate chip blondies recipe

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  1. Hi,

    Your blondie photos are beautiful :).

    I do have a favor to ask: I’m working on a cookbook, and that recipe might be one of the ones going in it… Would you mind terribly changing your post to just link to my recipe, instead of writing it out in full on your site?

    I feel so awful to have to ask, but it would really mean a lot to me!


    Katie (chocolate-covered katie)

  2. Good recipe – I need more gluten-free recipes. And the pictures are great! Thanks for this.

    • I love finding these kinds of interesting recipes too and the gluten-free is a bonus. This one has been received well by those who have tried it. It is very moist and the flavour is appealing.


  1. [...] and I do not have any intention of catching. So, no visit and more cake for us. This is similar to some bars I made recently, which I found on the website of Chocolate-Covered Katie. They went down really [...]

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