Peanut Butter Banana Muffins – gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-free

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins - gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-freeBarry Goldwater Quote
This is the simplest recipe ever. It was given to me by my niece – thank you, Kirsty. It has a minimum of ingredients and no flour or sugar at all. And yet they turned out looking and tasting just like muffins should. Who would have thought it! I love making elaborate slices and tarts but sometimes a batch of quick muffins is just what’s needed. I made some marshmallow, caramel, chocolate bars for a guest post last weekend and Adriano didn’t like them. He prefers the simplicity of muffins or a piece of cake. I, on the other hand, loved the bars.
Peanut Butter Banana Muffins - gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-free

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12 muffins
  • 1 cup nut butter - peanut, almond or cashew
  • 2 small bananas
  • 2 large eggs
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vinegar
  • 1 cup blueberries
  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F.
  2. Place all the ingredients except the blueberries in a food processor and process until smooth.
  3. Remove from the processor and fold in the blueberries.
  4. Spoon into 12 muffin tins and bake for approx. 10 minutes.

Peanut Butter Banana Muffins - gluten, grain, dairy and sugar-freeHarvest your Health book bundle

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  1. says

    I knew there were a lot of uses for peanut butter but shaving cream? That’s a new one. I love the look of these muffins and yes, they look like the ‘real’ thing despite the fact there’s no sugar or flour. Who’d have thought! xx

  2. Kim W says

    Hi,love this idea. Would it work with cider vinegar and replace blueberries with apple bits perhaps? Some vinegars aren’t gluten free. Thanks.

  3. Mel says

    I substituted the egg with chia seed meal + water, and while the taste is great, I had to bake them for thirty minutes. They do taste great. Oh, and I topped them with chocolate chunks instead of adding blueberries :)

  4. Emily says

    Mine are still peanut butter consistency after 20 min. Any suggestions of what I should do differently next time? Thanks!

    • says

      I’m not sure, Emily. I have made them several times now and they have always worked. Maybe it’s something to do with the size of the eggs and the size and ripeness of the bananas – but really not sure since it has not happened to me.

  5. Annabelle says


    I’m really excited to make these. It’s so nice to see such a simple recipe. However, I’m thinking of exchanging the peanut butter for sunflower seed, and perhaps do chocolate instead of blueberries, ( it’s for a kid birthday party).

    Can I sub like for like? Or do you think it may be tricky?

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