Strawberry Coconut Macaroons – grain, dairy, nut and refined sugar-free

Strawberry, Coconut Macaroons This is the last of the recipes from Carol’s e-book Indulge which I will be sharing with you. After this, you will have to buy the book to get the rest of the 70 recipes, and you won’t regret it. These coconut macaroons are as simple as pie with very few ingredients and, if you know how to whip egg whites, then you won’t fail with these. Carol has the plain recipe without fruit or with raspberries, but I had strawberries in the fridge so strawberries it was. To find her book Click here to visit Ditch The Wheat and then scroll to the bottom of the page.

I went to the Sunday market a few suburbs over today, looking for organic vegetables and became very confused when Bonita bananas had a cardboard label against them announcing they were organic. To my knowledge and according to wikipedia, they come from Equador and pesticides are involved. That little cardboard sign made me skeptical about every other organic sign and I only bought a few bits and pieces.

I am wanting to move to organic fruit and vegetable because there are some very scary realities out there concerning the hundreds of harmful pesticides that can be on the produce we eat.

Here is what is commonly called the dirty dozen: apples, celery, strawberries, peaches, spinach, nectarines, potatoes, imported grapes, sweet bell peppers, blueberries, kale/collard greens, lettuce. Read an article about it in The Huffington Post.

I am a firm believer in each person doing what feels right for their and their family’s health, but this is a direction I am wanting to explore – to eat simpler and cleaner. I am continuing on the grain, nut and refined sugar-free route and will now try to find good sources of organic veges and fruit. I guess I could always grow them since I have plenty of garden. We had a vegetable garden in our last house but when we bought this one, all the spare land was well landscaped and I would have had to remove some very good plant specimens and couldn’t bring myself to do that. Maybe I could chop up the lawn just like in the old TV series, The Good Life. I have found the episodes on Youtube with the first part of the first episode here. It was such a fun series. They were rather over-the-top though in their desire to be self-sufficient.

Have you ever had one of those moments when you have wished you could get away from it all and go live the good life?

Strawberry, Coconut MacaroonsStrawberry, Coconut Macaroons - grain, dairy, gluten, nut and refined sugar-free

Julia Child quote

Strawberry, Coconut Macaroons - grain, dairy, gluten, nut and refined sugar-free

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  1. says

    Suzanne, you are doing so well! We are still working on cutting WAY back on the sugar intake since the holidays. I love coconut so I’ll always reach for macaroons. They look delicious. Buying organic is something I am always thinking about too. Two things stop me: often it is so expensive and I can’t understand why…also the organic produce here never looks as good…not sure why that is either! Our farmer’s market opens up soon so I’ll have my source back as an option. Have a good weekend!

    • says

      It’s expensive because the market demand is smaller and so they can’t produce the volumes that the traditional growers can and so can’t keep there prices down to the same level.
      They don’t look as good because they haven’t had numerous sprays on them to keep away the bugs, and organic fruit and vegetables haven’t been covered in a special wax to make them look so good. The mottlier looking the better.
      The cost thing is annoying but I think it’s worth it to get those pesticides out of our body tissues.

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing all of this important information. I knew that apples were bad, but I didn’t realize that pesticides were also used on peaches, blueberries and potatoes. (Oh, my beloved potatoes!) Instead of dieting, I’m trying to focus more on cleaner eating- whilst still baking at least one a week. 😛

    These macaroons are gorgeous!! The pop of red strawberries peeking through the white remind me of crocuses in a wintery field.

    • says

      I know! Potatoes and blueberries – how dare they be on this list. I am with you – I am not dieting in that I don’t watch my calories at all. I am just cutting out foods that seem to not like me and, as you can see, I definitely still bake.
      Good luck with your healthier eating. We food bloggers do have to be extra careful. LOL.

    • says

      At the moment in New Zealand, it is quite humid so I kept them in the fridge and they lasted about 5 days before we had eaten them all. I think they would last even longer than that.

  3. Melissa says


    I tired to make these but they didn’t cook properly :-(
    I used raw organic honey, and as it is solid, I needed to heat it slightly to mix it in with the egg white.
    My electric beater is broken (!!) so I hand whisked, but until there were stiff peaks.
    They were in the oven for around 15 mins, slightly gown on top, but they stayed quite gooey as well as sticky on the outside.
    Any idea what I may have used/done incorrectly?
    As this recipe sounds delicious and I would like to master it!

    Thankyou, Melissa

    • says

      No sure what you did wrong, Melissa but my guess is that the egg whites weren’t stiff enough. You have to be able to pick up the bowl and tip it upside down and they don’t fall out. Also, make sure you cool the honey completely before adding it to the egg whites. Try again and it should work.

  4. says

    Moist, chewy, and a little crispy? Be still my heart, that is my kind of cookie! I love the little chunks of fruit; I never would’ve thought to put strawberries in macaroons! We have gallons of strawberries from a very generous friend and this is perfect. Pinning!

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